2006-12-06 11:50:34

Today is the much anticipated birthday of one of my very best friends, Gary! He’s one of those people who you can’t help but LOVE having in your life. He’s completely crazy and wonderful all at the same time! He is hilarious and totally a 5 year old, most of the time. He’s also insanely generous and the most brilliant business man! He’s a funny combination of things and we all love him dearly for all of them! He is marrying my best friend in August…and I’m soo happy about it. It’s going to be incredible and I’m counting the minutes until it happens! 🙂 Gary….we LOVE you…HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope it’s the BEST and hope you are having a BLAST celebrating in Cancun…wish we were there with you!! 🙂 Have fun swimming with the dolphins!! 🙂

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  1. aaawww thanks Jess. That was a sweet post! I love him too! he is so lovable.

    goofy too!!!

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