2006-04-27 07:59:48

Well, yesterday was my BEST FRIEND’S BIRTHDAY! HOWEVER, I could NOT get ahold of her despite my multiple efforts. So, I resorted to emails and ecards…but it just didn’t feel right now talking to my best friend on her birthday!

I also wanted to send her something GREAT because I got those awesome gerber daisies from HER for MY birthday (click HERE) BUT she is constantly in a different state, at a different address and traveling like a crazy women, so I can’t ever get anything to her because she is NEVER in one place long enough! So, that idea failed!

SOO, I’m gonna have to resort to shouting it out on my BLOG and wishing her the HAPPIEST 27TH BIRTHDAY EVER!! 😉 She’s an amazing friend and when we were in college….on our birthday’s….she would always decorate our apartment like crazy with streamers and balloons and a cake….and MEL, I wish I could have done that for you yesterday!!! Gary’s cake was fairly impressive, though! (to see the cake that her boyfriend made for her, go HERE)

I LOVE YOU, MEL! Hope you had an awesome day!!!:) To see Melissa’s website, click HERE and to see her blog, click HERE.

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  1. hilarious photo!!

    Thanks love… I had a great day and I did get your emails and phone message…thank you!!!

    love you!


  2. Jessica,

    I’m the ‘Iowa’ guy from the Chicago seminar….front row……

    Your post here about Melissa is very touching. My best friend in the world (litterally, he’s lived in Australia most of the last 30 yrs) means everything to me. Without him, I don’t know how I would have gotten through most of my adult life. He’s been there though two divorces, the Northridge earthquake, the accidental death of my best friends in CA twenty years ago…just everything.

    It’s interesting how I pushed the friendship when he was a lecturer for Lisle Ramsey Photography out of St. Louis back in the late 70’s. I saw him in a Vegas seminar and I was in awe of him, his talent, his demeanor, just a terrific guy.

    The bond you two have will be there to the grave and I just wanted you to know that not everybody has friends like this. You’re very lucky!

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