2006-04-22 21:45:37

I hate to continuously sound like a weather women or whatever….i feel like I’m sort of getting there by always talking about the weather, sunsets, snow, etc! Well, none the less….I DO love one thing about Indiana (among many things)….and it’s the SEASONS! I really don’t believe there is anything quite like truly experiencing the seasons! Waking up to the bright sunshine and a nice 65 degree day with the trees in full bloom, tulips & daffodils everywhere….is just bliss!

Then, sitting outside at 8 at night, sun still out, 75/80 degrees and eating watermelon & corn on the cob….makes everyone love summer….then a great cozy sweater and the crisp cool air in the fall…. and the trees are the most beatiful shades of orange, red & yellow….is just the best thing ever….and then waking up Christmas morning with a beautiful blanket of snow….just really makes life complete! I love the seasons! Well, today is my last Saturday off until the early winter! I’m excited to have weddings every single weekend until then!! I don’t get many Saturdays off, but when I do…i just LOVE them! Soo, today we had a major mission to do all of our landscaping for the entire summer & fall! HA! Well, you know how that goes….landscaping is always more work than you think. We aren’t quite done yet, luckily we have tomorrow!:)

Anyway….while working today, I was sitting in the grass…looking at the blue sky, loving the 73 degree temps….and just couldn’t help but think…gosh, i really do LOVE SPRINGTIME!!!:) Hope you’re enjoying it too….. 😉

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  1. Couldn’t agree more on the seasons! I, too, love each season for its own uniqueness. But when Spring arrives it is like breathing life again. Everyone who has been stuck in their home for months starts to venture out again.

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