2007-01-22 10:14:04

Wow…THIS DAY JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER!!!!!! It’s official, as of today, my husband is officially a jet pilot! He accepted a recent job offer flying a corporate jet and we are SOO excited!! He’s been a pilot for many years but recently, a company sought him out and asked him to come fly their beechjet (pictured to the left) and he happily (and very excitedly) accepted!!! He’s an INCREDIBLE pilot…I understand why they wanted him and I know he’s going to be soo happy flying the beechjet!! It’s also SUCH great news because this job will also allow him to come onto my company part time, which I am obviously SUPER excited about!!!! As everyone knows, the aviation industry is super fickle and so great jobs are hard to come by! That is why this is such a blessing! It is bittersweet, though…as he really enjoys the job he has had for the past 2 years, flying a turbo charged Cesna! His boss is really a fantastic guy and

has been soo wonderful to Mark. As with life, though….all good things must come to an end and it seemed like it was the right time for a transition! CONGRATS, MY JET PILOT…I’m soooo happy for you and I love you to the moooon and back!!! 😉 (the reason for the title is mark and I always walk around singing that song and putting our own words in…..we’re nerds!!)

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  1. You forgot to add that it goes over 500 MPH!!!!!!!!!!

    I think Mark told me it is over 300MPH faster than the Cesna!

    Just some plane talk for the Sterling!

    GO COLTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Congrats Mark! Now all you need is a personal jet of your own, so you can fly all of us around on our annual vacations!!! Can you buy that jet before August???

  3. Congratulations!!!! I never understood how competitive the flying industry was until I photographed a pilot and he explained all of the certifications and hours and training and different levels of planes…. so I finally have an appreciation for how awesome this is for Mark!!!

    Isn’t there something like a Jet “time-share” or “co-op” that Gary can be a part of??

  4. Congatulations, Mark! How exciting! It’s wonderful when you get to do what you love for a living. You both are very blessed, deservedly so:)

  5. Congrats Mark!! I have two good friends who made the switch from commercial airline to private jet and LOVE IT! I know it’s a great opportunity for you! You two need to go celebrate!

  6. You go, Mark! When dreams come true, it is the best feeling. Enjoy your success. You worked hard for it.
    Congrats, Cousin Pat in CA

    To Jess: great wedding photos; and the Graham pics – loved them! More, please.

  7. That’s great news! My husband is an airline pilot and it’s not what it used to be when his dad flew Eastern Airlines. He’s thinking about flying private – does Mark have any advice to find the right corporation?

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