2007-07-23 13:07:03

Hi! 🙂 I’m home safe and had a FANTASTIC TRIP!!!! After a HECTIC airport experience…a flight being canceled, hearing our name over the loud speaker, me getting chosen YET AGAIN for the strip search of my camera bag, running to catch our flight and, in typical jess style…me falling on my face in the mess…..we FINALLY returned home late last night!! I’ve spent the morning unpacking, cleaning equip, downloading and sorting thousands of images, going through hundreds of emails, voicemails and MORE! I’m feeling a little overwhelmed!! It’s crazy being gone for days and not keeping up! Eeeek!! I am happy to say that I spent 4 of the 5 days gone NOT thinking about work at all and truth be told, I really needed it and it felt GREAT!!! We had SUCH a fantastic time with our friends, Mel & Gary! HARK!! (inside joke!!) I have TONS of pictures to share of our times with them! We also had a FANTASTIC wedding and I have lots of images to share from that too! Sadly, the wedding day was quite a soaker of a day! Typical Seattle style, I guess! It was still a great, beautiful wedding and we had a blast!!! Anyway….it will be a few days before I get anything up because I’m a little buried right now in catch up stuff….but for now, here’s a collage that I stole from Gary’s BLOG!!! It’s great to be home and see some SUNSHINE…but it was truly a GREAT trip and we were sad to leave!!!

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  1. I got back to Marina Del Rey and there were orchids waiting for me THANK YOU! I miss you guys. It was so fun having you meet my family. HARK?

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