2007-07-19 02:08:11

Hi! So…we’re here!! After a turbulent 4 & 1/2 hour flight, we arrived to pouring rain and 60 degrees…so it started off a bit on the rough side!! We made our way into the city, though…and to this amazing condo that we are staying in…and finally joined up with two of our favorite people in the world and now ALL IS GREAT!!! We LOVE LOVE LOVE it here!! It’s SUCH a GREAT, UNIQUE & VIBRANT city and we’ve only seen a tiny bit of it…and that’s been in the pouring rain!! Can’t wait to do a little exploring tomorrow and have a great wedding on Friday!! (keep your fingers crossed for me! the forecast isn’t looking soo promising!!) CHAO from Seattle!! I’ll be in touch…. 😉

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  1. Cute!! Cutee! So cute! Have a wonderful time. And enjoy the rain. I know I do. It’s so refreshing. Buy a cute umbrella while you’re here.

  2. Awww……..you guys walking and taking pictures of yourselves, reminds me of Vegas:-) You girls look so happy and I am happy for you guys!!! Have a great time! Hopefully someday Sticky and I will get to Seattle, it sounds fantastic!

  3. OH MY GOSH JESS! I live in Seattle and its FRIDAY and its TOTALLY pouring rigt now! Yesterday they broke records for rainfall in Olympia!

    I guess you’ll be experiencing the TRUE seattle wedding dilemma- poor thing! I’m sure whatever you shoot will turn out totally fabulous and beautiful! Hope you have a FUN day and all that jazz…

    Three cheers to you my dear & good luck at Newcastle! Hope to meet you some day~


  4. Welcome to Seattle!!!!! The sun is peeking out on the Eastside right now, so fingers crossed for a fabulous Seattle summer day!

    Every wedding photog in the area will be doing “keep away” rain dances this morning….. 😉

    You’ll do some fabulous work regardless!


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