2006-04-13 13:44:50

WHAT a blast in VEGAS!!! Oh my gosh!! We honestly felt like the minute we landed in Indiana was just 5 minutes afer we left Indiana….because we went NON STOP in Vegas and had SUCH a blast the entire time!I’ve never in my life had a vacation where I came home COMPLETELY EXHAUSTED, as in like I could sleep for three days exhausted! The 3 hour time change KICKED our butts! REALLY! We would be in seminars until about 9pm vegas time, which was Midnight in Indiana…then we would go to dinner at 10pm Vegas time then get to bed by 1-2am Vegas time, 4-5am Indiana time….then try to be up by 7am for seminars every day, then go non stop all day long and end the day the same way with the going to bed at like 2am thing! Gosh, that was PAINFUL! We still had such a blast, met SOO many amazing people, saw SUCH inspiring seminars and spent alot of time with GREAT friends! I learned alot about Vegas…what I do and don’t like….and how you have to wait in line to eat, a LONG line….NO MATTER what time it is! THAT was annoying! I also CANNOT believe how there are like 50(or more) ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE hotels(as in like BIGGER than a SMALL TOWN!!!), all with MASSIVE malls(as in like 350 stores!), 20-30 restaurants and SLOT MACHINES/gambling tables as far as the human EYE can SEE!!!! It’s crazy to see how it’s the same thing OVER and OVER and imagine that there are enough people to fill the hundreds of thousands of hotel rooms and use ALLLLLLLLL the casinos and shop at ALLLLL the malls and eat at ALLL the restaurants! It almost doesn’t seem possible!Mark even rode a roller coaster on the strip! WHO KNEW!!! We would have to say that the Bellagio fountain was our favorite part of Vegas, though! It’s really very special and neat! We could see it from our hotel room! Our hotel was GREAT by the way! I HIGHLY recommend the Paris….the location is great, it’s clean and they have great restaurants….Mon Ami Gabi outside on the strip was my favorite at the hotel. The Bellagio was also gorgeous in general(probably would be my top pick for a hotel)! We were lucky enough to attend a GREAT party on the TOP floor of the bellagio and the room had floor to ceiling windows that overlooked the entire strip and the AWESOME fountain! It was over the top GREAT!!! Our top favorite restaurant was the Chinese Fusion by Wolfgang Puck, in Ceasers Mall! It was really GREAT!!! All around, we had A BLAST!!!! Can’t wait till next year!! 😉 (ignore the distortion…we’re really not that wide! ha!)

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  1. when we get down and out, these are the days that will lift our spirits! you guys are unbelievable and I cannot express how much love we have for you twits.
    tell Mark it’s on.
    we love you guys!
    L. & robbie

  2. Hi! wow….i’m really sorry for not responding earlier guys, I immeadiately got a WICKED case of the flu right when we got home from Vegas (a few hours after putting this post up!). It has totally kicked my butt and has had me in bed for days! YUCK!! I’m still struggling quite a bit…this is my first shot at sitting at my computer…and it makes me want to go lay back down! eeek! so, i’m sorry for not being around lately! I plan to post more pics, just haven’t had the chance!

    love the pics on your site, Robbie! We just adore you guys and cannot wait until next year! We’ll be PRO’s on the whole vegas thing, BY THEN! (mark already has a plan for what he wants to see! go figure!) 😉

    Amber…it was AWESOME finally meeting you! Hope to be able to hang out more next year!:)

    I’ll post more pics when I can!

  3. Jess & Mark, It was truly an honor to meet you all in Vegas. It was a great show and reading your posts and looking at all your photos brings back a ton of great memories we had at WPPI. We hope to met up with you all someday soon! Dawn & Bob

  4. All I can say is WOW, You are truly an amazing. These pictures are great. I will be returning to see more of your work.

    I see how you do some of this, but seeing your work lets me know that I am still playing in the sandbox and I have lots of room to grow.

    Thanks …

    Paul Bailey Jr.
    Keep up the great work!!

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