2006-04-07 09:38:58

welllllllll, the time has come! today we leave for VEGAS and therefore, I am temporarily out of the office! YAAAAAAAAAAAAY! (i’ve been TRAPPED in my office for like the past 25 days trying to get my “must do before leaving for vegas” list DONE!)

PHEW, I’m soo EXCITED to BREAK FREE from the office and have a BLAST in VEGAS! I’m NOT slacking off, though…this is an OFFICIAL business trip, just encase you were wondering! 🙂 It’s officially 77 degrees in Las Vegas and that means I am HAAAAPY! I still have to pack, though….I’m not the best packer, so I’m CLEARLY putting that off…by rambling on on here! 🙂 Soo, this is my office that I AM NOT AT! 🙂 Poor Mocha (the black cat) looks lonely, doesn’t he! (hopefully the lights & tv are still not on! ha!) I will be posting LOTS of fun pictures when I return! Hope you are all doing well….and I’ll talk to ya when I get BACK! 🙂 CYA!! (sorry about all the smiley faces….clearly I don’t get out much so when I do, I just can’t help myself!)

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  1. It took me like 20 minutes to find Mocha (were’s Waldo moment), and he’s my cat!! Ha Ha. He just goes so well with the decor. You know what they say, Black is the new Black.

  2. You know to always look for him in the place where his hair will drive me the most nuts! and of course, that is on the WHITE chair! 🙂

  3. Wow! Your office is so neat and clean! I wish our office looked half that good!

    Have fun in Vegas!!!


  4. Jess, your office looks really cool! You have a HUGE room for it. It’s right in your home, correct?!? It looks nicer than my studio! ha! Where did you get the table and chairs? It looks like Ikea?!?

    Question for you, when you give people proofs, do they have the white or black border around them wit your JRS logo?? I really like that idea if that’s what you’re doing. I only have this season left of brides that booked last year that still get proofs. That’s a great way to make them “yours” without hindering them being able to see their beautiful photos.

    Also, do you recommend those actions from ittybittyactions?? They looked pretty cool, just wondering if you have used them and recommend them?

    Thanks so much! I know you’re in Vegas, so I don’t expect a response for a while! (unless Gary’s speech is really boring and you decide to go back to your room 😉

  5. Hi guys! thanks for your nice comments about my office! Of course, it’s not always that clean…just for the picture! 😉 Also, the room LOOKS alot larger than it really IS! I was using a wide angle lens, so that helped!:)

    Regarding your question, Amy….I actually do NOT put my jrs logo on my proofs…and the reason is because they aren’t really able to be cleanly framed with the jrs logo and I don’t want to frustrate my clients by giving them 1000 prints that they can’t really do anything with because my name is all over them. I did try it once because I thought exactly what you thought….and I actually found myself getting distracted from the prints and the client sort of wished the prints were just clear…so that’s why I decided to not do the jrs. I DO put the jrs logo on the images any other time I use them…such as the blog, email, etc!

    Also….I do like Itty Bitty Actions! I own all of them, but honestly don’t use them a ton. I don’t use ANY actions a ton, though…because I do all of my editing in camera raw and don’t usually open any images in photoshop. They are great, though!:) Her work (jinky art) is AMAZING…I totally admire her!!


  6. HowdyJessica,

    Met you in Chicago at Gary’s seminar. I was the ex-California knucklehead in the front row. Gary ‘talked’ to me from time to time since I’ve known him since the mid-80’s….

    Anway, your office is too perfect! Sheesh, do you clean all the time? I’m not anal enough and it’s soo hard to make mine 1/10 as clean as yours!

    Looks like you had fun in Vegas. I’ve been there about 50 times. (My ex-inlaws live there, so it only cost the drive and gas) It’s really changed alot in the 36 yrs. since the first time I was there!

    I never got around to writing and telling you it was nice meeting you and getting to talk to you at Gary’s seminar.

    Have you incorporated his wedding method yet? If not, why not?????? I immediately went to a one coverage $2k coverage. Don’t know if it works yet, because as a ‘new’ owner of this business, people are staying away in droves. Might have stayed in CA if I’d known it would have been this hard.

    Make it a great day!

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