2006-02-26 18:13:20

Wow…..I’m soo old school that I’ve never had an ipod! I know, I’m a loser! I just don’t have much time so I don’t get all the fun stuff that most people have! I did switch to MAC this year, though…and I’m telling you, it changed my life! When I think of myself working on my old PC that would lock up every 30 seconds with all my huge image files that I would work on, I think of the flinestones! ha!:) (not quite sure why!) Anyway…moral of the story is that I really wanted to be able to listen to my 500 song itunes playlist all the time…like while I work out…which is rare!;(…or while traveling or whatever! So, I finally got a IPOD NANO for my birthday and it is the COOLEST THING!!! I’m telling you, I’ve been cleaning today acting like I’m in the movie footloose because I have great music playing in my ear all the time! It’s SOO FUN you guys! Now I see why everyone is obsessed with these things!:) I really love music, though…I’m one of those people that would have a soundtrack to their life if you could!;) If you don’t have an ipod…and you love music, well, you are MISSING OUT!! So go get one, ok!:)

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