2006-02-27 08:59:36

Sunday is my favorite day of the week. There is just something about it that makes me feel soo relaxed and happy. I made a committment to my Husband about a year ago, that whenever possible, I would not work the whole day on Sunday and I would just enjoy the day with him(prior to that, I would go every day and not ever quit working). I’m soo glad that I made that committment to him because I’ve really grown to cherish that time and just enjoy hanging out and not having a schedule…and just love Sundays. We go to Church in the morning, which we love…we actually met at our Church so it’s really close to our hearts! It’s the perfect way to start our favorite day! A little known fact is that we actually live in the country! I know most people would think that is kindof odd because I’m truly a city girl. It’s funny, though….I really love the city, enjoy the life & excitment….but then to come home to the peacefullness of the country really combines the best of all worlds.

I absolutely love it. We didn’t know, when building our house that we would get the most amazing sunsets directly out our backdoor. It’s the greatest thing!! (and yes, that is a siloh)

Last night was Sushi Night at my sisters house, with my family! We are all huge sushi fans and my brother in law, Chris is actually awesome at making Sushi….and as of last night, so is my Dad! We had a blast, as we always do when we’re together. My family also lives in the country(sort of) and they have a small lake on their property, it’s beautiful! I will soon introduce you to my family! They are soo amazing and incredibly important to me! Hope you enjoyed your Sunday as much as we did!;)

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  1. You’re a city girl, I’m a country boy. When people think of Gary Fong, they think, fast cars, fast women, limos, jetset lifestyle… LOL

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