2007-01-16 09:48:32

I was starting to wonder if we would ever seen any snow here in Indiana. We haven’t seen a single flake so far this season and they were saying it was looking like we might make records for an entire winter with NO snow…but finally….this morning, I woke up and found a beautiful blanket of SNOW outside!! 🙂 YAAAAY!!!! Granted, it was only like a 1/2

inch…but that’s better than nothing, I guess! It’s also literally freezing outside, which is a first for the season! (i’m not quite as thrilled about that as I am about the fact that it finally snowed!!) Now the sun is coming out and it’s really beautiful and kindof magical. When I saw the snow this morning, I was reminded that I kindof like winter, in this warm fuzzy feeling kind of way! I know…it’s crazy! Really, though…what beats a warm fire on a snowy night! Not much!! 😉

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  1. Funny thing about the [SMALL] amount of snow we got this morning. People were driving like there was 2 feet of snow on the ground!! Hello…it was like 1/4 inch of snow BLOWING AROUND!!! Crazy people, they need to take a drive through Wisconsin in the snow, then they’ll learn how to drive! Haha! 🙂

    Nice Picture, enjoy your day and keep bundled up out there!

  2. Jessica… you’re alone on this one… I’m ready for the SUNSHINE! Though, I’m certainly not complaining, we’ve been very spoiled this year in Indiana 🙂

    LOVE TO YOU!!!!

  3. I’m with you Jess! I love the snow….at least when it’s falling and it’s a pure white blanket….I could do without the black slushy stuff it eventually turns into on the road. 🙂

    It looks like you got a lot more snow way up north than us folks in “southern Indiana” got. We only had what they call a “dusting of snow.”

  4. Oh, it’s absolutely beautiful isn’t it? I’m in BC, Canada and we’ve had about eight snowfalls this year! (So out of character for us!) We currently have about 10 inches residing on the ground…

    Absolutely stunning! I love the snow.

  5. hey jessica! my name is brittany and i’m a photographer (my husband and i own +shotshot photography) and huge fan of yours. last night i entered a picture in a contest for bludomain. the rules were that you had to send a picture of yourself (before midnight) holding a sign with the name of your favorite photographer on it. then the people at bludomain would choose their two favorites…who win a free website!

    so guess what my sign said????????? lol. jessica strickland!!!!!

    our picture actually went through at 11:59pm. one minute before the deadline!! anyways, we don’t know the results yet…just wanted to let you know and introduce myself! (now let’s just hope we win!!!)

  6. it definitely appears that you got more snow than we did in east Indiana. Definitely long awaited…and now I’m satisfied, bring back the warmth.

  7. HI Jessica I saw 3 flakes yesterday early and that was it, I too miss a little snow and I like the cozy feel of a fireplace, a cup of hot chocolate and a cat curled up in my lap( I don’t have a cat.) But I do have a poem about one. Doing exactly that thing. I do so appreciate your pics of Graham. It is about as close as I can get to keeping up with him. Is his hair red?? looks like it.I really liked the B&W pics from the first set and I have copied the one of him up close,on nice photo paper, now I need that special frame to highlight it. He is my 6th greatgrandson in about 4 years. Soon I will claim a baseball team if the “Grans” keep doing what they should.
    All for now hope all your plans are happy ones. Sincerely A’Lucia ( Chick) Harper

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