2011-02-17 13:16:06

Time is FLYING and our sweet little niece, Maci, is already 5 months old! We did her 4 Month shoot last month and she just keeps getting CUTER AND CUTER!! Love her sooo much!! Oh and of course no shoot just includes one child with the cousins…so of course, Charli and Sophie made an appearance! Charli is 2 years, 8 months old and Sophie is 11 months! Where does the time go? Our sweet little precious Maci…. (the quiet, sweet, perfectly behaved one of the girls!! Wish the other girls would take a hint from her…) 😉

And she’s totally learning to model already…she even knows how to smile with her eyes…

My Granny gave the girls these fun skirts and so we did an image of all of them together with them…it cracks me up! Pink tutu insanity! They look thrilled….huh! 😉

Little miss crazy and her mini side kick…

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  1. Oh, MY! ADORABLE!! Did those tutus come from Granny JoAnn? HeeHee! I think she told me about them when I was there! 🙂 Maci is just beautiful! Soph is so big and her birthday is already next month??! My Goodness!!! and Charli is just ALWAYS smiling! My goodness, y’all know how to make ’em! Hugs! ~H

  2. Oh, Mimi loves you all!!! Wonderful, special–we are ssssssssssssooooooooooooo blessed!!

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