2011-02-17 16:22:33

I can’t believe that a year ago today, I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of my little girl!! I never knew how fast time could go until I had Sophie!! It’s been such an incredible 11 months…this sweet little face is the light of our lives!! 🙂

At 11 Months, Sophie is FULL of life!! She says UH-OH (about 300 times a day! hehe!), says HI and DADA…and HI DADA! 😉 She claps and waves, does SOO BIG throwing her hands up in the air, crawls super duper fast, is standing and cruising with her walker and flirting with walking on her own! We know it won’t be long!! She loves books, her walker and her ride on airplane (go figure!) and her baby doll, which you can see her “hugging” below! She’s flashing her 3.5 teeth with 3 more on the way as we speak! She smiles and laughs non stop and rocks our world… and we think she’s really cute too!

(although my record still stands as her being my TOUGHEST subject! I know all mothers who try to photograph their children agree, I hear it constantly from friends who are photographers…but it’s really TRUE….your own kids are the hardest ones to photograph. She will be smiling and laughing and doing all her cute stuff…so I pull out the camera…and it all STOPS and she starts screaming. I tried this shoot 4 different times and had to piece it together from the decent 5 minutes she gave me (which were mostly smile-less) during each one! UHHH! I hope it gets easier when I can bribe her with candy! hehe!! 😉

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  1. Wow! So much color! You’re definitely channeling spring! 😉 The three shoots tied together awesomely, so many CUTE outfits! Oh and I LOVE the mohawk! Happy 11 Months, Soph!

  2. I love her. I wish I could redo our trip and not be sick so I could squeeze her cheeks and snuggy with her!!
    Love the shoot and the colors. Thinking about putting a shooting studio in our barn. You should come design it…along with a very special room on our top floor if that room happens to be needed soon 😉
    Great work.

  3. LOVE the ones of her showing her toofers! She is getting so big… Miss you guys and cannot wait to see you in less than 2 months.

  4. Oh my goodness she is so stinkin cute! And getting so big! 🙂 By these pictures you would have no idea she gave you a hard time with the photoshoot! Great colors too! 🙂

  5. Am I the most blessed auntie ever!!!! She is the sweetest little girl!!!! Of course, she looks AMAZING through the lens of the world’s most talented, and most terrific, photographer!!! Love you all!

  6. Wow your photos are so wonderful. They are cheery and bright and full of life. What a cute little subject you have to.

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