2011-09-13 10:02:16

If you have been following the blog for a while, you might remember a major birthday bash for my niece Charli’s first birthday a few years ago! Well, as hard as it is to believe, my sweet niece MACI is turning one next week and so my sister (the party planner extraordinaire!!!!)  pulled out ALL THE STOPS again for Maci’s 1st birthday!!! It was a huge bash, complete with tons of food, group games, prizes, contests, bouncehouses, swimming, fishing, pony rides (forgot a get a pic of that! oops!), pinatas, cupcake decorating, pie eating contests, etc…the list goes on! We all tell my sister that she is REALLY in for trouble when these girls turn 16 with how crazy she goes for their birthdays, but it doesn’t stop her….she just goes ALL OUT!!! Her heart is in a great place though because it’s impossible NOT TO LOVE watching everyone, especially the KIDS having an ABSOLUTE BLAST!!! Maci did too….she napped through most of it! HA!! She had her first taste of cake…along with the help of her big sister, Charli….and she LOVED it. It was such a fantastic day….we are soo blessed with such an incredible group of friends and family…and with a great piece of family property to be able to host everyone at for such a fun day of celebration! KUDOS TO YOU, Mom and Jenny (& Anita & Palomino Ballroom staff!)….you did a great job…it was SUCH a fun day!! 🙂

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  1. Oh how I love these!! What a fun time it looked like. Wish we could have been there!! The one of Maci in her sunshades is my favorite… what a stylish babe ;o)

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