2011-08-31 10:15:47

Once upon a time, in the sea of a very busy summer, there was a sweet little day named Saturday…a day OFF…and we slept IN…and we played and played and played. and it was PERFECT. The end. 😉

And because we are a WEEEE bit behind on photo shoots, we decided to play in the studio TOO!!

4 responses to “ONE SWEET SATURDAY….”

  1. they’re absolutely perfection. that baby of yours… RIDICULOUSLY CUTE! PS. she’s starting to really look like you! 😀

  2. Her big smiles just made me giggle out loud! You capture her so well mama! She is so darling, I can just hear her giggles. I am always amazed at how you capture the joy of others. Miss Jess, I’ve told you time and time again but you truly have a gift. Thank you for sharing these with us!

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