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Yesterday, I spent the day in beautiful Savannah, Georgia….photographing one of my favorite and most faithful families! That session will be up after all the posts I am behind on. So, anyway, I’m headed home on the second leg of my trip, from Charlotte to Home….and sort of in a tired daze, listening to my Ipod, my eyes fixed on the open blue sky just outside my window to the world. Suddenly, it occurs to me…this is exactly what Mark is talking about!! Mark always tells me that one of his favorite things in the world is taking off and busting above the clouds, life & madness that exists on the earth into that amazing, beautiful, peaceful blue existence that seems to extend into eternity and where the sun never stops shining. It’s a place where the stress, chaos, busy lifestyles, crazy work lives, kid craziness, deadlines, fighting, politics, traffic jams, wars, health trouble, and general MADNESS that nows seems to define our LIVES manages to FULLY CEASE and PEACE IS THE OVERRIDING THEME. Have you ever noticed that? How when you stare out the window of a plane, you can’t help but notice the PEACEFULNESS that surrounds you outside those windows. It beckons me to think that maybe there is something to it! Maybe there is something we should learn from this intense peacefulness and calm that exists just above our reach. Maybe that should trickle down onto our earth like a healthy rain and flood our lives and allow for us to be OK with welcoming peacefullness into our lives and be OK with saying NO to CHAOS and GENERAL MADNESS that seem to define our lives in today’s world!! Are you with me?? Maybe these are just the words of a girl running a one-man-show business and trying to do her best, but not always having the time or ability to be the best…so often, madness and chaos seem to define her life….but none the less, it was a wonderful, calming feeling and I was trying to absorb every last moment of….. 😉

Happy Tuesday!! 🙂

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  1. AMEN sister! I love this! We’ve actually been learning at my church how to walk in pEaCe! I love this!:) p.s. savannah is one of my favorite cities!!:)

  2. Whoa – VERY eloquently written, Jessica the Philosopher! 😉 I completely agree with every word. I have flown across the ocean many times throughout my life (my mom lives in Thailand), and there’s no feeling like rising up through the clouds and seeing everything suddenly turn PEACEFUL. Heaven is often portrayed like this in the movies, and I hope that’s exactly what it’s like. I always think of a song from my choir days called “High Flight” (based on a poem written by a pilot) that starts and ends with the lyric, “Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of earth…and touched the face of God.” Shivers!

  3. Very beautifully written and totally agree. I felt this way not too long ago when we left Dallas and headed into Cancun, it was such an amazing high and so meaningful. I loved it, and reading your words, give me chills because it is so true and has so much feeling.

  4. You’re not alone…because life is somewhat chaotic, peace is extra sweet when it’s experienced during a really stressful time. Glad to hear you’re happy 🙂

  5. Wow Jess, I couldn’t agree more! It’s so easy to get caught up in the chaos of this world, and yet when we experience that true peace we realize why we really exist! I’m so glad you shared, thanks for the reminder 🙂

  6. AMEN!
    Glad to know I’m not the only one that feels this way.
    Madness, chaos, and constant question of how to simplify and can you simplify and still let your business continue to grow. Do you go with the growth willingly or let it drag you forward…

    Today I spent the afternoon with my wonderful husband and my two girls in the backyard – on the swing, trampoline and just playing in the grass. I felt that kind of peace for awhile. And now that our girls are asleep, I’m about to pop some cookies in the oven and watch a movie 🙂 Thank you for being REAL – I think we ALL struggle with managing what we are so passionate about.

    🙂 Allison

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