2009-03-28 14:03:28

The newest member of our family arrived yesterday and we are OVERJOYED!!

The sweet baby boy arrived at 7:58 AM, weighing in at 8 LBS 9 OZ, 21 & 1/2 Inches. He is great, Mom is great and all is right in the world!!

I will announce the name as soon as i know it!

Meet my sweet nephew….


Meet my sweet nephew….


20 responses to “NEW BABY!”

  1. Yeah!!!! So CUTE!!!!
    I was the 1st to know his name!!!! Nanananana!!!

  2. So cute! Great pics, I have the newborn shoot itch, you’re only worsening it! 😛
    Congrats on being an aunt, again! 😉

  3. congrats to the family on a wonderful new addition! he is GORGEOUS. what a lucky guy to enter the world surrounded by a truly special family. you did a spectacular job capturing him–thanks for sharing such an intimate moment.

  4. Adorable! I love his name too! I love how he has his little hand by his face in some of them, like he’s thinking. What a sweetie! Congratulations! Love the black and white and sepia.

  5. What a beautiful baby and such great parents! Congratulations from Bonnie & Karen.

  6. He is just perfect!
    I want one!!!

    (I saw Ben & Hannah at Panera just a couple of days before Xavier came!
    So he had a yummy little Panera lunch just before his arrival)

  7. Thanks to everyone for your warm wishes and blessings; we (the grandparents, the aunts, the uncles) are so grateful and pray we will surround Ben and Hannah with support as they guide these precious feet 🙂 Mmm, wonder if the Panera lunch made him such a great eater 🙂 PS: I second Ashlea 🙂 Mimi

  8. So amazing! Glad things went well! Even though I heard Hannah could have used more meds during?

  9. Jess…he looks just like Graham! How cute! Congratulations! When are we going to see a baby bump?? =0)

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