2007-03-19 21:06:00

To have bangs or not to have bangs….that is the question!! (well, maybe that was the question! haa!!)

I haven’t had bangs since I was TWELVE and so I am still really unsure!! WHAT DO YOU THINK???? brutal honesty welcomed!! 🙂

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I just got new bangs about 3 weeks ago and really like it. Its took a while, it looks REAL good on you!! 🙂

  2. You look AMAZING! 🙂 You would look beautiful with bright green hair! The bangs are darling! 🙂 Looking forward to May 5th! :):):)

  3. aw you look so cute! i wanted to do something like that but i’m so scared! where do you get your hair cut? i need a new place.

  4. Hot forsure:) Can wait to see you at WPPI:) So is Mark coming?

    I’m surprised that Gary and Melissa haven’t posted yet:) LOL

  5. oh wow…..
    ……… i got your e-mail and saw that you said you had a new haircut and came straight to your blog! jess, i do love it. now you don’t look like celine though….
    you look better!
    i just don’t know you!!! since i’ve known you (actually since i met you in 97) you have had long hair or mid length but no bangs and i LOVE it!
    you look totaly different and I think the new look is ultra chic!
    love it, ang

  6. I’m a manager at a hair salon, so I see A LOT of hair “do’s” and I love, love your bangs!! They really bring out your eyes.

  7. (Mark, please don’t read this post.) (And if you do, please don’t squash me.) WHOA!!! WOW! Who is that hot mama!? WOO! OK, Bob, breathe… Those eyes! They seem to be following me… Great aim on your self-portrait, BTW! I’ll try to be more coherent next time. 😉

  8. BOB #2 agrees with BOB #1 HOLY HOTNESS BATMAN! Your eyes are STUNNING! I think you could do ANYTHING with your hair and you’d still be GORGEOUS! This photo makes me SWEAT! 😀 Okay… well… maybe not… but you get the idea. HOT HOT HOT!


    ~Bobbi AKA BOB #2 🙂

  9. Hey Jessica! I was looking at some websites and came across yours, which looks fantastic BTW, but the reason I’m here is to tell you how great I think your hair looks! I haven’t seen you in a long time so I’m not sure what it looked like before but I read recently that bangs are in!! And yours look great!


  10. I saw the image with the baby and wondered if you had a twin. I love your hair, but I’m an 80’s kid and a sucker for Fara hair.


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