2007-03-03 13:38:40

We have some new SNAZZY stuff in the works here at JRS and we want YOU to be the first to know! SOO, if you would BE SOO KIND, please LET US KNOW that you want to BE IN THE KNOW by CLICK HERE and then click SEND!! You can send a fancy note or love letter to me if you feel SOO INCLINED…but all we really need is YOUR EMAIL!!!! 🙂 THANKS!!!

****NOTE: if the LINK doesn’t work, simply email Mark at moc.dnalkcirtsracissejnull@kram and tell him that you want to be in the know!! thanks!!!

6 responses to “attn.photogs:”

  1. I hesitate to give you my website…because I worship you and dream of being as amazing as you some day. So I am hoping your news is that you are training Photographers. LOL

    🙂 🙂

  2. You got me wondering what you got going on! I am too excited. I want to know what “BE IN THE KNOW” is all about!!!

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