2007-08-12 10:52:22

I was SOO honored when Amy Zellmer asked me to speak at the Twin Cities Professional Photographers Association conference in Minneapolis! She practically had to beg me…because I’m really more of a shooting photographer than a speaking photographer, but I finally agreed after some persuading!! I sort of overlooked the fact that I would be in the midst of the busy wedding season and so to halt all work for many days to prepare a daylong seminar and leave town would be a bit on the TOUGH side! DUH!! SILLY ME!!! It will work out fine…though and I’m SOOO grateful for the opportunity to speak to this great group of people!! Hopefully they will be patient with me!! 🙂 I will be out of the office for Sunday, Monday & Tuesday! WISH ME LUCK!! 🙂 (stay tuned for a GORGEOUS wedding from yesterday!! HOLLA to Kelly & Tim!! Your sneak peek will be up soon!!) 🙂

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  1. That comment wasn’t from an anonymous stalker…sorry, how creepy (and sorta funny)! 🙂

  2. don’t let jessica kid you! she is an AMAZING speaker! she blew through and covered everything possible in photography. she fielded questions like a pro… uh.. well she is a pro! she was just the best!

    jessica… you are the cutest person ever! your personality, graciousness, humbleness and just plain sweet nature was so enjoyable and as a speaker, you totally rocked the house last night! i’m so glad brynn and i made the 2 hour jaunt to hear what you had to say. you are a blessing! keep up the great work and enjoy your upcoming respite!

  3. Jessica,
    You did an awsome job speaking last night! I was so inspired, not only by your talent, but by how smoothly and professionally you breezed through the whole presentation – even with no AC!

  4. Jess I would have joined the Minesota one to be able to go to your presentation. Wish I would have known. When is your next presentation?? How about Milwaukee??? Or the WPPI? Looks like you did an awsome job. Wish I would have been though. Congrats to you Jess. You go girl!!

  5. Jessica was very well prepared and gave a great presentation.She has lots of energy and doesn’t waste time. I’m glad that we have jobs that we can be pasionate about, just like our pilot husbands!

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