2007-08-15 11:02:07

Wow, what a GREAT experience! I had a fantastic time in the twin cities and was SOOOO warmly welcomed by EVERYONE!! (pictured to the left is the group of nice people who took me out after for drinks!) The process of getting there was a bit of a challenge! I endured a major computer mess while attempting to transfer all of my presentation info over to my two laptops! It ZAPPED alot of info and resulted in me having to pull an all NIGHTER the night before the presentation!! THAT was LOTS of fun!! (THANKS to my brother, BEN who came to my rescue and helped me out!) I showed up bright eyed and bushy tailed (ha!) to the airport at 6am and was on my way! After some delays and typical airline frustration, I arrived in Minneapolis! It was SUCH a pleasant experience! Everyone was just soo kind and SOO complimentary!! I couldn’t believe the feedback I got…it was soo nice!!! I WARNED them that it was my first time AND that I was going off of almost NO sleep ANDDD to make matters even MORE fun, the AIR CONDITIONING was OUT in the AUDITORIUM where I gave my presentation and people were SOOOO HOT!! I felt AWFUL making them sit and listen to me and be MISERABLE!! I was afraid that the heat would put ME to sleep and they would be sitting there wondering WHAT they signed UP FOR!!! Much to my surprise, they ALL stayed through the heat and listened to me talk for 6 hours, stayed TOTALLY in tune the whole time, asked GREAT questions, had GREAT feedback and it was JUST GREAT!!!!

(we took alot of breaks, had some snacks, had dinner, etc!) It was SOO kind of them and I heard later that people don’t usually stay the whole time, so the fact that they DID stay and through the HEAT…was just SUCH an honor to me!!

I have some MAJOR thank you’s to pass out for some people who REALLY made this WHOLE experience soo wonderful!!

First, thank you to Amy Zellmer of Custom Creations Photography to asking me to come, helping make it a smooth process, driving around the airport a million times waiting for my majorly delayed flight to come in, treating me to a GREAT lunch, being my taxi service and MUCH MORE! Thank you to Mark Keifer of VIP Gallery for being in charge of the whole presentation, keeping me on track, setting everything up and for being very encouraging through the whole thing!! Thank you also to White House Custom Color for sponsoring me and for creating my beautiful programs!! I LOVE WHCC!! Thank you also to David Jones of David Jones Photography for being my BROTHA FROM ANOTHA MOTHA ;)!! Thank you also to David Grupa of David Grupa Portrait for buying me a MUCH needed COSMO (ok, maybe a cosmo and a shot of tequila!) after the whole seminar was OVER! 🙂 (i forgot to say thank you to David, so THANKS David!!) I also have received very kind emails & voicemails from ALL of you and MANY of the seminar attendees and I THANK YOU all for you incredibly kind feedback!! I appreciate it SOO much!!

After the seminar, a HUGE storm rolled into the area and we were stuck in a restaurant until LATE…and I finally made it to my hotel and into bed at about 2:00am!! I had to peel myself out of bed at 5:00 to get to the airport in time for my flight! So, two nights with 3 collective hours of sleep is catching up with me!! In typical airline fashion, things were MAJORLY delayed and I rolled into my beloved Indianapolis several hours after I was scheduled to, so I caught a few ZZZ’s on the plane during the never ending DELAYS and all is fine and I’m about to head back out the door for a day of shoots!! It was all TOTALLY WORTH IT, though…and I had a SUCH A blast!!

THANK YOU MINNEAPOLIS & TCCPA!!! It was a GREAT experience and I genuinely appreciate your warmth, kindness and ALL that you did to make my experience GREAT!! 🙂

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  1. Thank YOU!! You totally rocked!! I am glad to hear you made it home safe and sound! (a little sleep deprived, but home nontheless!)

    Keep up your passion and doing what you do!! You’re an amazing woman with some serious talent!

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