2007-08-25 12:53:32

I will be out of the office from Saturday, August 25th through Monday, September 3rd! I’m going to be in Canada being a part of the wedding of my two dearest and best friends, Melissa & Gary, at the stunning location pictured!! I cannot tell you how excited I am, there just aren’t enough words!!

I am lucky enough to be in the wedding, getting to partially photograph the event (they have about 50 photographers in attendance, along with an actual hired photographer, so we’re pretty well covered and I’m pleased to say that my job is small!!) and also enjoy some VERY much needed time of R&R!!! It’s been a a SUPER fun but crazy, insanely busy summer…so I’m very much looking forward to a little down time!! If possible, please contact me by EMAIL instead of phone (the whole phone thing in the mountains of Canada isn’t soo trustworthy!!)!! EMAIL: moc.dnalkcirtsacissejnull@ssej

I’ll be in touch SOON with LOTS of fun pictures!! 🙂 In the meantime, happy end of summer!! 🙂

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  1. Looks amazing…how beautiful!! Good luck to the new couple and hope you have a MUCH deserved rest on your vacation. Can’t wait to see the pics:)

  2. Oh I’m so excited for you! Seriously: I can’t to see pictures and I hear it’s a pretty star-studded event! (in terms of famous photographers!!)

    Enjoy British Columbia! I hope you love it here and want to keep coming back!

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