2007-08-16 13:53:20

Wow…i’m SOO behind on blogging!!! It’s tough to keep up with it when I’m not even in the office much!! I have A TON of stuff to blog…so please do stay TUNED!! For now, I will share a Graham update with you that I planned to put up a few weeks ago! 😉 As you will see, Graham & Mark are pretty tight!! Mark is obsessed with our little nephew! Oh, who am I kidding…i’m obsessed too!! 😉 Here is Graham and his Momma! 😉

***EDIT…ooops, I should have been a bit more clear about things! Mark is my husband….and Graham is our Nephew! Mark is pictured with Graham in the last two images and the second to last horizontal image! Mark’s sister, Hannah, is Graham’s Mom….and she is the woman pictured! SORRY to not be clear, it just occured to me that this does look like the three of them are a family! Eeek! Sorry, Ben! 😉 (Ben is Graham’s Dad!)

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  1. Haha I LOVE the last two with Mark. That is Mark right? Or is it his lookalike twin brother? I’m confused. Either way: adorable.

  2. OMG!! i fist can’t BELIEVE how big he’s getting (graham that is!) and secondly that image of mark, graham and hannah is SO CUTE!!! he’s going to be such a ladies man, again, i’m talking about graham!!! 🙂

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