2008-10-20 23:32:16

Sometimes, during the insanely busy season…..I just need a brain flush of all things business related and just ramble….so here goes….

Am I the only one LOVING the crisp, clean fall air!?! Oh, how I love it! Makes me get excited for cozy cardigans and boots! Ohh..I got a new pair of boots…the sort of flat but still cute and wear with skinny jeans kind….how i cannnnot wait to wear them! Speaking of jeans, is anyone glad that high waisted jeans are making a come back? Not that the Mom jean look is great, but stylish jeans that don’t show your butt off are A OK in my book! High waisted jeans andΒ  stylish yet totally comfy boots…whoever is in charge of fashion right now is my new favorite person! In music news….I totally loving Joshua Radin right now! He has this smooth, yummy voice that is the perfect remedy for these ultra busy & stressful times I’m in right now! I think I’ve bought every song….and i just love him! Go to itunes and check him out… I’m also totally loving Ingrid Michaelson’s new album, BE OK! It’s great!

In other news, I recently purchased this little GEM of a video camera, called a FLIP video camera. It’s cute and the simplest thing known to man. There is like one button. It records and then has the USB port ON the camera…plugs right into your computer and WAAALA! Amazing.

I just keep it in my purse at all times because you NEVER know when you might have to shoot a video! πŸ˜‰ I also have a new favorite point and shoot camera! The Canon 870 IS! It is great…has a awesome wide angle lens for self portraits and a great, low priced point and shoot!

In other business, I sure hope you all are READY to vote!! Can you even believe how this is such a HUGE moment in history right now…it’s crazy and I feel like people are almost forgetting how monumental it is! I mean really….at one point it was potentially a female or African American president…and now potentially an African American president or female vice president…and that mixed with the biggest financial crisis since the great depression. It’s just crazy!!

Did I mention that my dentist asked if I wanted BRACES? AYKM. no. definitely no. I just want a shiny, perfectly aligned, flawless smile without braces or putting fake teeth in my mouth, is that TOO much to ask? ok maybe it is. However, after hearing that I take “remarkably good care” of my teeth, I was told that I do have to have a route canal, though…that is miserable. I think he was trying to butter me up with the “remarkably good care” bit. Didn’t work. After having my wisdom teeth out earlier this year, I was ready for a looooong break from all things dental.

So, had my 10 year class reunion, yep….10 years. AKA, we’re getting OLD! It was sooo great, though (even though I couldn’t make it until after the wedding I shot, which was 11:30 pm…hello, that is LATE to be going out! Not 21 anymore!)…..It was soo fun, though! I vote we have a yearly reunion. I need an excuse to dance…and NOT at a wedding when I’m supposed to be working (although, you all know that i do it anyway!).

Aren’t you glad that FALL TV IS BACK!?! I don’t have time to watch it, though…but thank goodness for TIVO!! Mine is FULL of grrrrrreat fall TV and I can’t wait for a rainy Sunday to take a few hours off of work and turn into a TV JUNKIE!!

On the family front, My sister in law, Hannah (Graham’s MOM) is PREGO again! YAY!!! We’re keeping the babies COMING in this family!!! Hope ours is next in line one of these days!

Ok, I’m starting to feel guilty for not working and BOY do I have the work to do…so back to work I go! That was fun!


6 responses to “QUICK.RAMBLINGS”

  1. cute post. i miss you! you are like the queen of fall cause you love it more than anyone i know.
    Gary and I saw that new flip video camera cause Robert Evans had one with him and thought gary should check it out.
    root canal? that sucks. I had one too awhile back, but it’s really not that bad. you will be fine.
    miss you. wish you were coming to new york. πŸ™
    hark to the strongarlman-gantt family!

  2. I love rambling posts. πŸ˜‰
    I, too, am so in love with the crisp air Fall brings! I heart everything Fall! The wonderful clean air, the beautiful leaves on the ground…and the clothes! Duh! =) I am a sucker for boots!
    Thanks for your opinion regarding the Canon…been looking for a good point-and-shoot!
    Congratulations on the new addition to the FAM coming your way.
    To everyone reading, Please VOTE! =)

  3. Awww! Congratulations on another new baby in the family!

    I’m right there with you about the Fall. I love getting up in the morning and putting on a big comfy sweatshirt. πŸ™‚ And my DVR is getting full of Fall TV too! I take time out at night to watch some TV, but Brandon doesn’t get a chance to watch much lately.

    I soooo miss you guys! We really need to do dinner soon!

  4. yay! congrats to hannah and ben πŸ™‚

    and i love the cool fall air too.

  5. A route canal??? …..And I thought Root Canal’s were bad! They’re making an entire ROUTE for you!!!! πŸ™‚ LOL! Good Luck.

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