2008-02-01 16:50:20

So, the sad story goes like this….

It was a normal day today…..I was working at rather fast pace as I leave to go out of the country early next week and so I’ve kicked it into HIGH hear in order to get everything done on time…….so of course, I’m in the middle of MANY things with tons of images, programs, emails, etc, open…..and SUDDENLY ….I heard a VERY LOUD POP come from my desktop MAC G5 computer (also known as my MAIN computer) and then it went BLACK and the light waft of BURNING electronics came from the machine. To put it calmly, I said some choice words to myself and started to FREAK OUT!!! Soo…..luck would have it that I was in the PROCESS of transferring all of my current working stuff over to my laptop, in order to take it on the road with me…and that DIED. As did the WEDDING blog post that I was in the middle of……and a wedding that was in the middle of processing…..and the two portrait sessions that I was EDITING, and ftp that was running, my ipod that was charging……and many other things also died….but I’m conveniently blocking them from my memory in order to not COMPLETELY fall apart over this whole mess. (AND while I REALIZE that that sounds like a lot to be doing on a computer, it’s an EVERY DAY occurance for my Dual Core, 12 mgs of RAM MAC G5, so I assure you, that isn’t what caused the problem) Soo….here I sit, laptop luckily in my lap….but sadly, without any of the info that I NEED on it, in order to get any work done…..and of course, I’m ON HOLD with a product specialist from Apple who I fully expect to tell me to haul the motherload of a computer to the APPLE store…but I’m sure we’ll chat for at least two hours before we come to that conclusion. So, needless to say, I’m pretty much at a standstill! 🙁 So, please bear with me if you are waiting on a wedding or portraits…or a blog post….or anything, for that matter! I have been assured that all data is JUST fine, but we just have to get the computer back and up and running before we can get to it….as hopefully it just zapped a fuse, the power supply or the motherboard!! THANKS for your patience!!!!

UPDATE: Just found out that this is a KNOWN PROBLEM with the power supplies in G5’s and it’s at least a FREE repair (or so I’m being told!). If you have a G5 purchased in 05 or 06, CLICK HERE to read up on the know power supply issues and be able to get them fixed at no charge!


Ohhh…you guys…i LOVE YOU all!!! you are soo sweet to me….i ‘m soo lucky! 🙂 THANKS FOR YOUR WELL WISHING comments!!! I smiled and got a GREAT laugh!!!

So, here’s an update…..so, here in good ole INDIANA we only have ONE Apple store. However, this is a VERY saaavy city and there are LOADS AND LOADS OF VERY DEVOTED MAC people here….and so you know what that means….am Apple store that is a CRAZY busy place with literally around 350 people jammed into it at ALL TIMES!! So, somehow I knew that taking my precious machine into that store would a) be an exhausting experience and b) that the precious machine would turn into a one little mac in a sea of macness….and not be handled with the TLC that it is accustomed to. Now, rewind a bit to the phone conversation with Apple Support. The product specialist that I ended up speaking with gave me the *glimmmmmmer of hope* that there was a CHANCE that they would have it done in 24 hours, potentially! Which turned my MAJOR frown in a slight smile!! There was a *chance* that I could STILL get all the work that people are WAITING ON, done….before leaving for Canada…..and I could feel good leaving, knowing that I met my goals and no one is cursing me for being behind….and ALLLLL was well with the world and my trip could be CARE and GUILT free!!!! Although…I should have known that she didn’t know OUR Apple store. Ok, forward back to 8pm last night and my appointment with the Genius. Well, my luck would have it that 2 of the 3 geniuses called in SICK and so the 1 genius in the store was like the ruler of the mac planet and allllllll people were drawn to him from NEAR AND FAR. So, he calls my name for my 8pm appointment ….he looks at me……..HEAVY G5 system in hand (ok, that is totally a LIE, Mark carried it for me!!) and basically tells me that it will be DAYS before it can even be LOOKED AT because there were 60 G5’s, YES 60 of them brought in JUST THAT DAY that were in line before mine TO SIMPLY be looked at!! Soooo…..apparently that RECALL is NO LAUGHING MATTER and all the G5’s in the world GOT TOGETHER and rang each other up through the WONDERFUL world wide wed and DECIDED to SPONTANEOUSLY COMBUST ALLLLLL AT ONE TIME and cause the STORES to be FULLLLL of G5’s and give me a BIG HUGE HEADACHE. SO, then the ruler of the Mac planet, or just the Indianapolis Mac planet, says….”and we don’t have any power supplies in stock either, so basically we’re looking at 10 days or more for it to be evaluated and we’ll have to go from there.” So, my smile turned back into a frown. And I had to say OK and watch my precious machine get carried back into the black never never land of the MAC store. SADNESS!!!!!!! So, we leave the store and I tell Mark, in my BEST pathetic voice that I feel like I’m abandoning my child and I can hear it SCREAMING for me from never never land. He of course tells me to man up and act my age. NO! 🙁 I’m an awful mother and I will not be getting work done….and I’m NOT in a good mood about it. Although, I did get PF Chang’s after the traumatizing experience….complete with DESSERT AND WINE….and that helped ease the pain JUST a bit. 😉

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  1. Take a deep breath, there’s not a thing you can do to change what happened. Everyone knows you are a hard worker and will get their projects finished, just a bit later 🙂 As the old saying goes “computers are great…when they work”. Life must and will go on!! I LOVE YA! YOU WILL HAVE A BETTER DAY TOMORROW!! Have fun on your trip 🙂

  2. Breathe. Eat some chocolate. Call Mark. Eat more chocolate. Breathe.
    It’ll be okay…I just spoke to God and he told me so! 😉


  3. okay, now that i know indy is completely out of chocolate…
    i will send for some reserves as i know that macs are
    not prone to disappoint…i myself own a dual core G5
    and am praying for you!
    God loves those who own macs & love chocolate!

    looking forward to your next post…get some rest.

  4. Ugh!! You really do have quite the luck with your computers!! I recall your evening of no sleep before giving your first ever presentation due to a computer malfunction as well!! I agree with the others, we’ll get you some chocolate to get you thru this!! (Note to hubby: get your wife some chocolate, flowers, and WINE, lots of wine!!)

  5. Power supplies are probably the easiest hardware replacement in a computer. It stinks that you’ll lose some productivity time, but it will be a nice break from your regular nonstop hustling. I think Jasmine is right take a few deep breaths and it will be alright.

  6. Take a deep breath. I had a similar problem on a PC last year and all the data was fine. It’ll be OK. Hang in there!

  7. I am sorry to hear about your combuter. I had a problem once with one of my laptops… just the monitor went black. To replace it would be almost the price of a new one.
    One more time… I am Sorry for your problems, but I learned some thing that I alway have with me…
    … At the end, everything will be allright!!!

  8. Oh my goodness! I hope they are right and the data was not lost or damaged! I would also pull my hair out if this happened to me.

  9. FWIW, same thing happened to my PC a few weeks ago (motherboard went nutso), and I feared that I lost everything. But I kept a positive attitude, and in time everything was fixed, the videos were edited, and no one knew anything was ever amiss. You’ll be FINE, Jess!!! Just spend this time off doing all the little things you’ve always said you wish you had time to do, and you’ll feel a whole lot better! 🙂

  10. which dessert did you have?

    the banana spring rolls are MY FAVORITE!!!

    But, this seems like a great wall of chocolate kind of situation!

    love the photos, keep up the good work!

  11. OH MAN!! i have to say that although i feel reeeally bad for you…..i did chuckle quite a few time reading this! i have experienced days like this….one very bad thing on top of another. GRRR!

    but breathe easy, before you know if your precious little mac will be back in mamma’s arms. lol ( i’m 100% on board with your love of macs, whcich has made this post much harder to read than any other “bad day” blog. )

    i feel your pain.

  12. Jess-

    Love your work, love your blog… As someone else posted, a fried power supply is pretty harmless to data on your drives. It’s like having a dead car battery — the car won’t start but the engine’s still fine.

    This is when you’re glad you have backups and your data in more than one place.

    This happened a while back on my Win PC… the wife said the computer died. I had no idea what she meant. Turned out to be just the power supply, which I was able to change it myself.

  13. Jess –

    I know how stressful it is! Look at the bright side. In the last four weeks, on my G5 tower (1.5 years old) I have had the following parts replaced: power supply (I lost 2 days of work), the logic board( that took another 2 days). Then a few days after that I continued to have problems and my monitor quit working. I had to have my 23 inch HD monitor shipped into the Apple Depot and have things replaced with it! The monitor took another week to get it fixed. Thank goodness for purchasing APPLECARE and PROCARE! Shh… knock on wood my computer seems to be working at the moment!

    Hang in there…. it will get better soon!

  14. For future Mac purchases…you might consider purchasing from Fry’s. I bought our Mac there because with their service agreement…if they have to keep it overnight or longer…they will give you a new one until yours is fixed. Big plus!

    In our line of work…in the wedding season…we cannot go without a machine for a over a couple of days.

    Have a great trip! Miss you guys!

  15. OMG, had a repressed memory just now of when my hard drive crashed!!! 🙁 But Im glad to hear everything is alright! Failed power supplies are usually not hard drive threatening as im sure you know already judging from all these posts. Happened to me last year, was up again in an hour because the lines at compusa were SLOW! Glad to hear everything is ok! Dont stress Jess, just do your best! :p


  16. JESS – Oh my goodness gracious! I’m sure they will be able to recover everything…whew! Plus, did you really think you were going to get work done in Candada? You silly girl.


  17. I”m so sorry Jess! I would feel the same way! My husband always teases me because we don’t have kids, so my first child would be my dog, and my second is my computer! 🙂 I totally feel your pain! But have a great time on your vacation, because there is nothing you can do that will fix it faster so enjoy when you can!

  18. This sounds like the time I lost three hard drives, a computer, and fell down the stairs all in one week! NOT FUN I can say this THINGS DO GET BETTER!
    Now for the G5 matter your scaring me as we have two in the office YIKES!
    As always I love your work!

  19. HARK!!!! HARK!!!! HARK!!!!

    WE MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! (for real, not just saying it to look cool) COME BACK!!!!! PLEASE!!!!! We love you and we need our family of 6 here!

    Hope your flight home isn’t awful. Be safe and let us know when you made it home.

    hark. hark. hark. hark.

    …. keep practicing your moves for our new dance! We have a show to put on in Vegas!!!!

    love you!

  20. What a bummer, but thankfully nothing got damaged. I had a fan melt down last year but ended with a Mac Pro replacement from G5 so that was kind of a bonus. I pray that things will get back to going smoothly again soon,


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