2008-02-18 13:49:52

Thank you all for your kind emails ensuring that i am still alive! It’s true…i am! 🙂 I’ve been all over lately!! Out of the country to Canada for a awesome play/work trip with my friends, then out of the state to Nashville, Tennessee for a terrific, but quick getaway with my hubby for VDAY,

a stop in Seattle and more! It was a WONDERFUL time and I’ll just share it with you by way of a few pics! The good news is that i was able to take my mind off of my miserable computer situation….the bad news is that the situation has gotten WORSE! How could that be, you ask? good question. I do NOT know. I’ve called 6 times at this point and they have promised EACH time that it will be done by the end of the day! Then, each time….two more days pass and no call or news from them! So, I call back, a bit more ANGRY each time….and each time, I get the same story, complete with a guarantee each time, a guarantee that means NOTHING….so, today….I’m DONE.

I’m going to store and I’m going to stand there until it is done!!! I tell them that my business is at a STANDSTILL, I have clients VERY upset with me (ok…..maybe you aren’t UPSET because you’ve all been EXTREMELY understanding….but you know…..) ;), I tell them that this problem is from a RECALL and so it would be my expectation that this would get priority status, that they PROMISED me an answer within

10 days and it has been 18 days now, etc, etc!!! NOTHING seems to matter to them! During my call yesterday, they just gave up and made the technician answer the phone, he sounded THRILLED to be forced to take my call…and I image him as this stressed out man, sitting in a room full with computers STACKED UP to his EYEBALLS and ready to loose his mind…

all he needs is ME calling him. So, I plead my case, in my almost about to CRY voice….he has NO sympathy for me AT ALL…after all, he hears this story all day, every day…and is apparently NUMB to the whole thing!

I would probably be TOO, if in his situation!! Soo, I say…..”sir, i’m basically desperate here, I can’t do anything without your help…i’m BEGGING you to get this computer fixed for me” and he stops me mid sentence and says, “LOOK LADY, I’m doing what I can, OK?!?”

and basically hangs up. Grrrrrrrreat!!!!! HMMMMM……so, you know how you picture people spitting in your pizza after you’ve asked for something more than what they want to produce, …, yea…that is me right now….he is TOTALLY SPITTING in my computer!

Sooo…..I called again today….asked to speak with a manager, calmly told my story and explained my desperation! He was the nicest one yet….and yet again,PROMISED that it would be done by the end of the day today! I told him that I would just BE in the store by 5 and would WAIT until it was done! Hopefully, that will make a difference!

We’ll see! WISH ME LUCK!!! If you see a woman getting carried out of the Apple store today due to disorderly conduct….chances are it’s ME!! 😉

Anyway….thanks for listening to my ongoing sad story, thanks also your patience with my LACK of posts this week and hope you are all enjoying a GREAT February!!

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  1. SO glad to hear you are alive! I was worried!!!!!
    What did you do in Nashville! You know that is my 2nd home. (where my parents live!) 😉
    Good luck with the computer situation! What a pain in the keester!!!

  2. ha,ha, i was going to say the same thing…i like your green coat!

  3. I’m glad you had those happy snapshots to buffer such a bummer of a story. Hopefully it’ll have a happy ending soon, although that’s when you’ll REALLY get busy! Hang in there, Jess!

  4. i hear you on the apple pain! their phone customer service sucks! there’s no such thing as a phone call from them. 🙂 once you are in front of them it’s a different story, i’m sure there will be a happy ending! but more importantly is that the canucks you saw??? 🙂

  5. Hi! I’m a long time lurker on your website. You shot my friend Christine’s wedding two summers ago. At any rate, I was thrilled to see you came down here to Opryland! I’ve worked here for two years now. Anytime you want to come back, let me know and I’ll hook you and your husband up!

  6. Jess,

    Sorry to hear about the ongoing computer trouble!
    Hang in there kiddo.
    Looks like you had a nice time with your friends and Mark!
    AND I like your green coat too!
    ( even under extreme computer stress!)

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