2007-07-14 11:17:57

I have to say that I often forget how much i love Saturdays! I don’t have a wedding today..it’s my first Saturday off in quite a while…since April, I think! The reason I don’t have a wedding is because I leave in two days for a wedding in SEATTLE…and I’ll be gone for a week!

Should be a GREAT time and an AWESOME wedding, so stay tuned for travel pictures, wedding pics and MORE from that trip!!!! So, back to the Saturday thing…I just forgot how cool Saturdays were and I totally see why people LOVE them!! It’s not that I don’t LOVE having weddings on Saturdays, because I DO and I’m SOO blessed to be involved in soo many amazing weddings…it’s just that I’m usually wrapped up in the events of the weddings and almost forgetting that it’s Saturday!

So, anyway….Mark and I went out last night, had a blast, no concern for time or need to get to bed early, then slept in till 9 this morning which was the BEST (and very rare for us!!), leisurely got up and went to get Starbucks (you know, any time I talk about my life, Starbucks is involved!) and then went into the great little village we live in, Zionsville and went to the local Farmer’s Market! It’s SOO cool that our town does this and it’s such a great little market!

It’s all local farmers and town people…so you see people you know….and there is everything from fresh sweet corn, peppers, tomatoes, cherries, blueberries…to homemade pasta & pesto (one of my FAV things!!), breads and dipping oils! All as fresh as can be and SOO yummy How GREAT is that!

And SUCH a fun way to start a Saturday….wandering through the market on a crisp, sunny summer morning, with my favorite guy by my side and a great cup of coffee in my hand! Gosh, I love my life! I’m soo lucky!!

We also wandered through the village, looking through the shops and enjoying the perfect weather and an awesome Saturday!! There were people everywhere, just loving and enjoying life and all the GREAT stuff that comes with SUMMER….it was awesome!

Now, I think I’ll go to the pool and soak up some sun!! I LOVE Saturdays!! I usually get to be lucky enough to be involved in the MOST wonderful weddings and every now and then I get a little chill time, like today!! Either way, I’m SOO blessed and I LOVE Saturdays!! Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful summer day!! 😉 (oh, the pics are of our loot from the market..and the GIANT tomato that Mark had to have…oh and of me being my usual silly self!) 😉 (photo credit: Mark Strickland, crappy point & shoot camera! ha!)

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  1. I am only responsible for pix 1,3,&5. It was a fantabulous evening and morning with my Pooh Bear!!! But I think I am going to quit my Saturday shift with JRS Photography. Saturdays are just too cool…

  2. Haha, you and Mark are so cute. I love Saturday too. And Sunday. I think I shared my love of Sundays in one of your “Sunday” posts a few months back.

    Seriously–weekends are the only time when routine STOPS. and I love that. I slept it to about 9 as well, and had a late breakfast and shopped and worked out and just took the day as it came.


  3. You know you are getting old when you ENJOY going to the Farmers Market!

    We are looking forward to your next Saturday off!

    GAME NIGHT is going to be L E G E N D A R Y BABY!

  4. Did you see our father’s stand at the farmer’s market…he sells the infused, homemade dipping oils…called Mouse Oil! Very yummy. Zionsville is the best.

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