2011-08-31 10:00:08

My niece Charli…the just-as-of-last-week preschooler, the leader of the cousins (or as she calls herself, the WEEDER) ;), the stealer of my makeup and now my jewelry. OH and it’s official, we are of the age to have SLEEPOVERS! Charli stayed over this weekend and it was a girl party! We had a blast singing and dancing, riding bikes and going to the park, playing in clothes, shoes and jewelry…and of course, taking pictures! 😉 IOh how I love her….

2 responses to “SHE STEALS MY JEWELRY….”

  1. These photographs will become an even more prized possession when Miss Charli becomes a hugely successful fashion designer. LOVE how she layers colors!

  2. We have the SAME orange necklsce! go figure 🙂 Shes a cutie!!!!!

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