2006-03-21 11:25:04


I thought this was supposed to be the first day of spring?!?! Well, here in good ole’ Indiana…..we have 5 INCHES OF SNOW on the first day of spring. Yea….I’m really enthused!:)

You know, they say in Indiana….if you don’t like the weather, don’t worry, it will definitely change! That is SOO true! It’s supposed to be sunny and 45 degrees tomorrow, but today, it’s 15 degrees(maybe!) and snowing! You just NEVER know in this crazy place!

Somehow, I still love it here! I can’t lie, though….I’m really ready to wear flip flops
…but I guess that won’t be happenin’ today! 😉

4 responses to “.snow.”

  1. oh man don’t tell me this … I am coming home in one week and I don’t want to be shoveling snow off my car. What a bummer!!!

  2. Hey Jess, we had 18″ of snow on Monday last week!! Most of it is melted, but we still have more than enough for the first of spring! Ahhh…..

  3. WHOA, Amy! I heard about some people getting 15-20 inches! YUCK!

    Glad it melted…it did here too because it was really sunny for two days after the snow!

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