2006-03-24 00:43:26

I almost CANNOT put those word in all lower caps, without exclamation points! HAA!!!

Well, I can BARELY contain myself because the largest photography convention in the world is quickly approaching!!!! 🙂 I was SICK that I missed it last year…and actually have never had the opportunity to go prior to that, so this is my FIRST year GOING! I have been looking forward to it for an ENTIRE YEAR!!!! AHHH!!!!:) I absolutely CANNOT wait! The World’s Best Husband(that is his “official” title…and he’s MINE!!!)will be joining me…and he makes everything better…so that will make it even MORE fun! 😉

Also, TONS of my incredible photographer friends will also be in attendance….whom also happen to be several of my very BEST friends, as well! It’s like a perfect recipe for AN AMAZINGLY FUN TIME!

Also….as many of you know, I’m actually a PHOTOGRAPHY freak! It’s not just a profession for me, it’s a LIFESTYLE! I live it, breath it, sleep it…….I really do! I have since I was a CHILD, continued through high school and college (photography school!) and now it continues on in my adult & business life!!!!

I am CRAZY about what I do, SOO to go and see the newest, neatest stuff and be inspired by the world’s best AND get to have my HUSBAND and all my BEST FRIENDS there is just INSANELY GREAT!!!
Soo, we will be there for like a week…and it’s our only getaway for the whole year…so are really going to live it up! (SHOUT OUT to my GREAT husband who gave up his vacation days to be with me at a photography convention!!…even though we know he will really be at the slots..livin’ it up…not sufffering too badly!!) 😉

We are staying at PARIS PARIS which looks pretty cool! We also have lots of SUPER fun parties lined up, lots of fun get togethers, incredible seminars to see, the worlds coolest photo dork tradeshow and EVEN MORE FUN!!!!:) So, since this is the ONE trip for the year, don’t plan on me answering my phone from Friday, April 7th through Friday, April 14th! You understand! 😉 (i’m kidding, I’ll be returning voicemails because I’m too type A to really ingore my business, even for vegas!)

(OH…and for the record, ALL photographs on this BLOG were photographed by ME, except for THESE…I found them on the internet….but don’t worry, when I get there, I’ll take some super cool ones and then….I’ll show them to you!) 🙂

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  1. sometimes I wonder how you and I are such great friends… you have so much energy and I have so little… it’s kind of funny if you think about it. LOL

    We can’t wait to see you too! We are very very sad to leave the skiing up here… the season will be over by the time we get back. I will miss it!! But this means time for boating.

  2. mel…was it really 3:30 in the morning when you wrote that comment? dude…go to bed! 😉

    We’ve always been like that with the energy thing! I think I’m decieving, though….cause it does seem like I have alot of energy…but lately, I’m really turning into you! And you are like perpetually on vacation, so you really have no need for energy…except for when you go skiing.

    can’t wait to meet you, amber!

    YAY!! 🙂

  3. HEY STRICKLAND… are you really excited about going to VEGAS? 🙂

    I figured you two would be staying at Circus Circus since you are both a couple of CLOWNS! 🙂

    That will be a great way to recharge yourself for the rest of your 2006 weddings!

    You have to update us(all of your fans) on the blog while in VEGAS! You guys will have such a great time! ENJOY IT….YOU BOTH SOOO DESERVE IT!!!

    Oh yeah…we have some more info on April 2nd. One of us will email you later today.

  4. *tear* I am so sad I wasn’t able to go this year!! I went to PPA in Texas in January and can’t afford to do both. Next year I am totally doing WPPI and skipping PPA!!! Have fun, and have some fun for me while you’re at it!

  5. hey kid,
    we’re only hoping a fraction of your enthusiasm will rub off and then I think we’ll be set in the photography business for a long time.
    Jesse, your the greatest. can’t wait to see you guys!

  6. ROBBIE….it’s going to be awesome, we CANNOT wait to hang out with you guys!!!

    You guys are going to ROCK in business…I know you will!!!

    See you in TWO weeks! YAAAAYY!!! 😉

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