SUMMER VACATION 2011 | ...and sophie's first trip to the beach...

2011-08-11 00:04:31

During the chaos that is known as wedding season, I escaped to little oasis of heaven known as the beach…in Florida. Ok, maybe a very sandy, hot, sand in the eyes and mouth, stressful with a busy 16 month old kind of heaven…but it was still heaven. We took a few days to head to Florida with my family for a little summer vacation and for Sophie to have her first chance at putting her toes in the sand. One of the beauties of having a child has been how it’s helped me learn to enjoy life a bit more, to put the work away and really being IN the moment…seeing things for the first time again, through the eyes of my little girl. It’s truly one of the coolest things to watch her as she learns to navigate the world and discover all that is in it. She lit up with incredible wonder when she saw the beach. It was soo sweet…an expression and emotion that I wish I could bottle up forever. See, her daddy is an ocean LOVER…could stay in all day long…..and I had a feeling she would follow suit…and sure enough, she did. When she saw it, she said the biggest, longest, WOOOOOOW. And then when her toes met the soft, powdery sand….she was mesmerized! It was precious. Then, she ran, full speed, into the water. And LOVED IT! And scared me half to death! 😉 We had the fun of sharing the trip with my awesome family…and her two cousins, Charli & Maci. It’s safe to say that after about 2 hours of being on “vacation” with three little ones, ages 3 and younger, we realized that the word vacation was NOT appropriate because there was almost no relaxation between all the busy-ness, fun, fights, sharing wars, crying, nap battles, playtime, mealtime, dashes for the pool and ocean, etc. We learned to enjoy it in a new way after just accepting that maybe 1 hour per day of personal time or relaxation…while they napped… would have to suffice! 😉 It really was a wonderful, special time….and after not having a vacation in years…it’s something I could really get used to! 🙂

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  1. You and your sister sure do make some stinkin’ cute + sassy girls! 😉 And the pic of Charli naked squeezing her butt cheek…OMG hilarious!

  2. Well, I would have to say ditto to everything said above and that these pics are such a great representation of the fun you had! And also, on a side note, that I think I need a lesson in full-sun photographing/processing. Somehow you manage to get it perfect every time! Clouds; blue skies; bright lovely natural colors! Goodness, girl!

  3. Hey Jess,

    Love the pics (as always)… and the new way you are blog posting. What is that you are using to format them so fabulously???

    Thanks in advance,

  4. Ohhh how I love these blue eyed babes! So glad you guys had a great time- wish we could have been there. I think my favorites are the 1st black/white one of Soph, Charli looking to her left (omg sooo cute!), Charli grabbing her cheek, and Maci passed out in the float- LOL!

  5. you are the sweetest…REALLY! 🙂 the only lesson you need is to always put the sun on their back…and you’ll be golden! 🙂

  6. goodness, you’ve all got your hands full. such precious girls and such a great family 🙂

  7. These are so very sweet! Glad you got to get away for a bit. Isn’t it fun to edit photos of your own little family? Love it! Hugs to you!!

  8. Oh Jess! I love these types of photos! Look like a great trip and you conveyed it! This post is soooooo sweet! Makes me smile! I love one of Sophie in the floatie inner tube where she’s looking up! GORGEOUS!

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