thanks for your patience….

2009-07-30 12:29:03

with me after being a bit M.I.A!! my office has been down and things have been a bit chaotic after we spent all last week and weekend packing our home & office! sadly, our new home isn’t done yet and will be delayed for a while, so we are in a temp living situation with family until our house is done! so, the weekend was spent loading our stuff into pods (while I was out of town shooting an awesome wedding) and now we’re in a bit of a holding pattern…but trying to enjoy living bill free and with our awesome family! 🙂 my office is finally back up and running…and now I’m super behind on lots and lots of blog posts! so, just wanted to say thanks for your patience during what has been a crazy two weeks for me!! i promise….many blog posts to come!! 🙂 happy summer!!

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