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On the 4th of July, nearly a month ago, I awoke after a busy wedding the day before, a bit tired and sore per my usual on a post wedding day….but with an overwhelmingly excited spirit! I just had a feeling….a feeling that I might be PREGNANT! After waking Mark, we took the test. The two of us stood over this little pink and white stick and stared at it like we’ve never really stared at anything…like it was about to potentially change the rest of our lives. We kept staring…and staring….and after what felt like an hour, a VERY faint line appeared. A kindof funky, not clear, sort of faded mess of a line. We look at each other….totally confused…it wasn’t exactly the way it played out in our heads….we expected to be crazy excited…but instead we were laughing about how it was totally like us to not even be able to figure out if we were pregnant or not. So, of course, we take another test. This time….the line showed up in like .2 seconds. We both look at each other in shock and total excitement. It’s funny how you can be so hoping and expecting for something…but then when you actually see it….you are in shock and disbelief! HA! So, then we do the usual back and forth of one was practically negative, one was positive…WHAT does that mean? So, yes…a third test is in order! And sure enough, the third one was POSITIVE…and so it’s TRUE! I’m PREGNANT!!!! We are thrilled and feeling beyond blessed (and glad that people will stop asking us if we’ll ever have kids after nearly 7 years of marriage!)!! We decided to wait until our first appointment to share the news because I’m crazy and I just didn’t feel like it was 100% legit until the Doctor told us it was…and she did just that yesterday at our first visit! ha! We got to see our little peanut for the first time and hear/see the heartbeat! It was just awesome and totally amazing!! I am official 9 weeks tomorrow and due on March 13th!!! So, again, I apologize for being behind on practically everything but between the move, the temp living and then days of endless nausea and overwhelming exhaustion…I’ve just been doing the best I can! πŸ™‚ So…meet our sweet little baby!!! It’s fair to say that we couldn’t be more in love with this little fuzzy grey peanut!!! (it’s upside down…..head is at the bottom, the hands are the bumpout in the middle on the left and the feet at the very top)

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  1. Just a random reader who loves your photos—wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS! So very exciting πŸ™‚

  2. Congratulations!!!! You are going to a great mom! I am so happy for the two of you! I have been blogstalking for awhile now and think you’re an amazing person…as well as a pretty awesome photographer. πŸ˜‰ Much anxiety and cooing over baby clothes is in your near future!

  3. congratulations! I’m so happy for you and Mark. You will be wonderful parents. Being a parent is the best, craziest, happiest, hardest job you will ever have! God Bless you

  4. CONGRATS! Your world is just about to change for the better…get ready for an amazing ride through life! KIDS ARE AWESOME!

  5. Jessica and Mark, congratulations!!! I am so thrilled for you both! Welcome to parenthood. You are going to be awesome parents and enjoy every second of this. Hope you are feeling good, Jess. I know how fun morning sickness is:) It is all worth it in the end!

  6. Hey, wait, just realized I saw you the day after and there were three of you! Aw….well, you might have been glowing but I didn’t notice because of all the commotion:)))

  7. I am just tickled to death for y’all(still)! I hope you get to feeling better, Jess! I can’t wait to see y’all in November! <3

  8. CONGRATS Jess… that is such amazing news… Matt and I are soo happy for you and your husband. We have some news ourselves… not only will you be photographing us, but 4th of July weekend we also found out that I was pregnant, and then a week later we found out that we were almost 6 months along!!! So I will be 8 months pregnant by the time of the wedding πŸ™‚ our baby boy, Dirk is due November 4th!! so there will be three of us to photograph.

    Again, congrats with everything we are so happy for you!!

    -Megan Heezen & Matt Goins

  9. Congrats! Babies are the best news. I have a March baby too – it is wonderful time of year to celebrate a birthday.

  10. Such wonderful news. Congrats! Parenthood is the most glorious experience life could ever offer.

  11. Congrats to you both! This is such exciting news!! My sister just found out she is pregnant as well, and she said the exact same thing about wanting something so much and then not sure how to react to the news! I think I was more excited than her! πŸ™‚ Your sister probably felt the same way!

  12. congrats! how absolutely wonderful! LOL Who is going to shoot the birth? I volunteer! I LOVE birth photography!

  13. Oh dear! So happy to see you both so happy! Very special and best wishes!

  14. Congratulations Jessica! What exciting news. I’m related to Abby Scales and have been a blog follower for quite some time after seeing Ella’s photos when she was small. I’ll be praying for a healthy pregnancy for you and your sweet baby!

    Amy Ward

  15. Jess and Mark,

    SO so so excited for you two! That is wonderful news! Congrats!! I can’t wait to see you in October when our little one arrives, you are going to be so cute!

    Congratulations again on your happy happy news! I just could not be more excited for you!


  16. Congratulations!!! I’m so happy for you! I’ve been an avid follower/blogstalker for quite some time, and love love LOVE your work, and this is going to be so exciting! Your lil’ peanut is going to have the most beautiful photos! Congratulations again!!!

  17. Congrats!
    My fiance and I live across from your (soon to be) new house and Jennifer Driscoll is our wedding photographer. We are excited that to be in a neighborhood that will be filled with little ones running around. : )


  18. woohooie! couldn’t be happier for you guys! best of luck and let me know if i can help with anything (not like your own family couldn’t provide everything and anything!! ) πŸ™‚
    smile and feel good

  19. ROCKIN! My wife and I are moving in that direction ourselves right now.

    I already have two (ages 10 & 13) from a previous marriageβ€”and I can tell youβ€”this is a fantastic time. You’ll be shocked at how much you can truly love a person. πŸ™‚

  20. Mimi and Opa are sooooooooooooo very excited; the ultrasound is beautiful and we offer all our support, love, laughter as the journey of parenthood evolves πŸ™‚ We are blessed to be part of your family πŸ™‚

  21. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!! You have wanted this for some time and I couldn’t be happier for you (even though I don’t even know you!).

    Can’t wait to see pics along the way!

  22. So so excited for you!! Congrats! Pregnancy is a wild ride-but when that baby gets here, somehow you forget about all the exhaustion, swelling and nausea! (don’t know you-but i love you pics and your blog!)

  23. I have been following your blog forever – I am a friend of Nicole Green’s, and she showed me your website for the first time years ago…but I am also pregnant and due on the exact same day as you! How cool! Best wishes with your pregnancy!

  24. Congrats Jessica! Enjoy your pregnancy. There is NOTHING like the second you find out you are pregnant, that is until you actually see your baby for the first time. This is the best thing you will ever do in your life. You won’t even believe the love you will feel for your girl/boy. It is unlike anything else.

  25. I know I told you when I saw you…but congrats again! Babies are the best gift ever!!! You are going to be a great mommy!!!:)

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