2008-01-09 12:38:14

Many of you have been soo kind, asking how my sister is doing in her pregnancy!

Well, she is doing just GREAT!! She is now 17 weeks along and so far, her pregnancy has been a fairly great experience!! The holidays were completely NUTS for her…working 7 days a week, getting 3 hours of sleep a night…because she’s in the catering and event industry! So, if she would have been sick a lot like most people are in their first trimester, then it could have been totally detrimental to all the events she was in charge of….but thankfully, she’s barely been sick at all and has felt really great!!

I’m TOTALLY keeping my fingers crossed that that will run in the family!!! She is JUST starting to show and just starting to wear maternity stuff! It’s soo exciting!! A friend forwarded me this link…it’s a pregnancy ticker! 😉 So, this is how big their baby is (both on the ticker and the picture)!! Surprisingly big for only being 17 weeks old!! We get these updates…and it has fingernails, fingerprints, tastebuds and eyelashes already…and can make facial expressions! Do you believe that??? Well, but then it’s heart was beginning to beat in 6 weeks, which like blew my mind! WOW!!!! It can already suck it’s thumb and have hiccups…and already has tiny ears and a tiny nose! It only takes 17 WEEKS for all that to happen!???!? I even read that it can already TASTE what Jenny is eating!! It’s amazing…i tell you….JUST amazing!!!! 🙂 Oh…and as a birthday gift, I get to find out if it’s a girl or a boy! Stay tuned for updates!

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  1. Jess,

    I share your excitement with you!! It is so surreal when your own sister has a baby. Can’t wait for you to take pics of our new addition in March!! He should be here somewhat soon =) Hope it runs in the family that you don’t get sick!! My sister was sooo sick her first trimesters. I’m sure you’ll be great when you do start a family =) See you soon!!

  2. Hi Jess,

    I got to go through all this 4 years ago with my sweet little girl. It is amazing how early everything developes. I can remember the first time we heard the heartbeat. It was WONDERFUL. If you get a chance to go with her to the doctor – go. I have a bunch of ultra sound photos from about 20 weeks and in one Hannah is clearly sucking her thumb! I cherish that photo (in fact it’s still on my fridge) because she still sucks her thumb. Best of luck to her and can’t wait to find out if it’s a boy or a girl! 🙂

  3. Are you going to do birth photography for her? I did for my best friend and it was one of the most amazing humbling beautiful God filled events of my life!

  4. Okay, your excitement is contagious. How fun! I just was looking at newborn pics and family pics on another website and it is really making my hormones do something crazy! But no more kids for us–three wild boys are enough!

    I love your work, thanks for posting a public blog. You have a charming personality. 🙂

    Drop by our site sometime and say hello.


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