2006-03-29 22:39:12

WOW…what a sweet baby I got to photograph today!!! I just LOVED him! He was SOO happy and sweet and just laughed and laughed! wow….it’s dangerous because now I really want one! 😉 His EYES are AMAZING!!! Can you tell I was obsessed!

I just really love photographing babies & children! I don’t get to all that much, but when I do, I’m reminded of how much I love it!

Caden was just the brightest part of my day today and I had such a great time during our shoot!:) You have to see these eyes……

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  1. well, so much for that spectacular dinner i prepared last night being the “brightest part of your day”. :)-

  2. the dinner YOU prepared!?? 😉 You better hope your wife doesn’t see this! Oh…and that was the second best part of my day!! 😉

  3. ok kids………….
    the brightest part of my day was
    that you finally decided on the thickness
    and shade of the borders around the images. ha!
    i’m next ben!!!! HA……
    should i do red? or maybe pink?? or how about
    all colors??????

  4. oh…..by the way. a darling baby and yes, those
    blue eyes are amazing! great pics..i’m sure his mommy
    will love them!!!

  5. Hey guys! Thanks for the kind words! Amber…there’s really no secret! I just run an “image pop” action that I have created(alot like the color actions by ittybittyactions), which basically includes curves in a VERY subtle S formation, saturation and then curves AGAIN in a VERY subtle reverse S formation. I then just adjust the midpoint in the levels a touch if the action causes the exposure to be off a bit and the color balance, if it is off a bit. You could probably achieve the same thing by using soft overlay layer style with a few adjustments afterwards!

    Anyway…glad you like it!:) Oh…and really, he’s just that beautiful!!

  6. JESS! I love your RED blog. Neato! Too bad I can’t get my Xanga site looking this cool! Can’t wait to see you in Vegas! 🙂

  7. HI JANEY!! 🙂 We are seriously on the same wavelength today because I JUST looked at YOUR blog!! Seeing Gary’s post made me think that I hadn’t been to your blog in forever! Then…I saw your comment on my blog! crazy!!

    I CANNOT wait for VEGAS! I’m soo looking forward to seeing you! 🙂 THANKS for commenting!:) see you soon!!! 🙂

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