2006-05-25 10:51:40

As I’ve told…I just love it when past clients of mine have a little one and I get to photograph that little one! Anissa & Brian are an awesome couple who were married 3 years ago! They now have the greatest little girl, Avery! She is soo precious..and hilarious, I must say! She’s totally the coolest, most independent, laid back kid…she just tools around with her little toddler push thing(which Anissa calls her grandma walker..and it totally cracks me up)…and she totally does her own thing! I just love it! She’s also the happiest kid! She just laughs and smiles…and does this hilarious scrunchy face thing. Anissa will put her on a chair or the couch and she seriously just lays back and laughs….and looks like a total couch potato! It’s soo funny! Anyway…we had a blast together! It was soo great to see you Anissa…I totally adore Avery…and will really miss you guys! (they are moving away in June!) ;(

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  1. What absolutely incredible pictures of my precious granddaughter!! You captured Avery’s personality completely. I saw things in your photographs that I thought only a grandmother or mother noticed about their grandchildren/children – those looks that say ” yep, this is who I am!!” And Avery certainly is an individual all her own (very much like her wonderful Mom)! I was astounded by the wedding scenes you captured for Brian and Anissa’s wedding but it’s obvious you have a knack for seeing and capturing charming realities!

  2. AW, what a cutie. I know you don’t have a studio, so do you go to the clients home when you do sessions like these??



    Those are some moments!

    Keep up the good work ROCK STAR!

    BTW….Randy Baughn wants to shoot a wedding with you on a Friday or a Sunday. He wanted me to pass that on to you….I forgot! Cybil and I want to travel back in time and have you shoot our wedding over! 🙂

  4. Good stuff Jess!

    I am totally starting to think that babies are my fav to shoot! The block one is my favorite!

  5. Wow…thank you all SOOO much for the kind feedback! I sincerely appreciate it soo soo much!!! 🙂

    Mrs. Gannon…so nice of you to write! Great to hear from you! You’re words were precious and brought tears to my eyes. Thank you soo much!

    Amy…yes, I do mostly all sessions with children this age at their home…and I actually encourage it! I usually use the indoor areas of the house and the outdoors! The best part is that the child is most comfortable and it just gives the most natural result. I also love it because I basically just come and hang out for a few hours, at the time of day when the child is usually at their best…and just have fun with them! I really love it soo much!

    B&C…tell Randy that I would love that! 🙂

    Amber…I’m totally with you! I LOVE this kind of work, plus have such fun with and usually get to hang out with my past clients, catch up and have a blast! It’s soo great! I can’t wait till I have one of my own to photograph! 🙂

    Thanks, again..everyone! I really appreciate it!:)

  6. aw jess those are SO cute! look at those teeth! aw!! 🙂 you did such a great job! i’m about to leave for ohio .. i just had to check out your new pics first. 🙂 see you in a couple hours! yay! i can’t wait!

  7. aww how cute is she i mean that she is the cutest little baby that i have ever seen!

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