2006-12-28 18:03:50

I have been soo lucky to photograph little Ella since she was a newborn! It hard to believe she’s as big as she is…I can’t believe time has flown soo quickly! I was sad when I learned that her family would be moving away this past year…but I knew they would be back and they were for Christmas! It was soo great to see them! I feel soo honored, they were home for Christmas…but 4 hours from Indy…and they drove up for our shoot! So, I pulled myself together, bundled up and loaded up on cold medicine and cough drops…and made it through our shoot without falling over! ha! I had to, they are really special to me and I just couldn’t miss it. Ella’s personality is growing as she does…we had many good laughs as she pulled her drama queen moments and did her pouting pose(seen below…first image on the left!)! She’s all girl…and I absolutely adore her! It was wonderful to see you guys, Abby & Jeremy….good luck with the baby on the way…and I’ll be waiting until you return in the summer! 🙂

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  1. Those pictures are worth every mile of that 4 hour drive! They are ADORABLE!!!! I feel like I know Ella from reading your blog daily.

    Brandon got up out of bed to come into the office to see these pictures when I told him you had new pictures on here. His favorite is the top right…..Ella walking with her hands behind her back.

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