2006-02-15 18:20:42

I wanted to share a special little girl with all of you! Her name is Ella and I have been soo lucky to photograph her for 2 years now.

This is our most recent session at the bottom(24 months)…complete with goldfish on her mouth, which I love! (I am ALL about natural stuff, hate to make to posey-posey, ya know!) She has a closetful of expressions and continuously makes me want one of my own…she’s just that precious. Just when I think she can’t get cuter, she goes and does it!! She makes me love photographing children! I don’t get to that often because of all the weddings I have…but when I do, I’m just reminded of how amazing children are and how they just make you see the world differently! You gotta love that!:)

12 Months:

18 Months:

24 Months:

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  1. Jess,
    You capture the personality and spirit of my daughter so beautifully. I don’t consider you to be just a photographer, but an amazingly talented artist. The photographs that you give to us are not just pictures to me, but true works of art that touch my heart and continue to inspire me time and time again.

  2. what beautiful pictures of my great niece
    I can’t wait to see her again.

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