2006-02-20 16:21:42

I think one of the greatest parts of being a wedding photographer is when I get a call from my past clients, who I really prefer to call friends… and they are calling to share their great news! They are expecting their first baby and want me to photograph the new love in their life!! It’s the most wonderful, warm fuzzy feeling kind of thing! I adore Rick and Nicole, we are great friends and hanging out with them is just like hanging out with old friends! They had Braeden earlier this winter and have been through alot with him…but have been blessed to now be a happy, healthy family! I honestly just love seeing the cycle of life and watching people be in love, then have children and be soo in love with them and watching them grow! I’m telling you all, I really have the greatest job on earth!!! It brings me such joy…as does looking at little baby braeden!:)

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  1. jess…..great new idea! i love it…..and i think i know this baby too….even though i havne’t met him in person yet……good work! i’m excited for g’s wedding it will be so good to see you!

    drenched by HIS grace,

  2. HI EM!!! You do know this awesome baby!!! I’m excited for G’s wedding too! Can’t wait to see you!

    I’m soo proud of you doing the Lord’s work….you’re awesome!:)

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