2007-10-03 10:39:29

From my trip to Savannah, Georgia…with two of my favorite girls, Ella & Merritt….

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  1. LOVE IT!!! I am familiar with all those spots. Plus you were right by The Mansion on Forsyth Park which is my favorite place in the whole world. Isn’t Savannah gorgeous and so romantic??!!

    Such great shots Jess!! So awesome that you get to go down there and shoot those beautiful girls. You ROCK!!

  2. Oh my goodness! Can I totally come follow you and watch you in action (maybe carry your gear?:) next time you are in savannah?!? it’s one my favorite cities and i have lots of family there! these shots are gorgeous…beautiful little girls!

  3. Wow! Little Ella is growing up so quickly! (I’m sure her mommy and daddy would agree.) She looks so grown up in these pictures. 🙂
    Great job once again Jess! ~Cybil

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