2007-10-04 12:53:18

So, my dear friend, Deanna, with Eventfull Planning, called me the other day to say that they needed a 20 minute session to get quick family shot! And a 20 minute session it was! We met up while we were both out, did a few quick shots and went on our way! It was soo GREAT to see them…and I was kindof in shock at how much the kids have grown!! The little tiny twins from THIS SHOOT (CLICK HERE) and the little boy from THIS SHOOT (CLICK HERE) are now THIS BIG!! It’s crazy, I even did Deanna’s pregnancy pictures with Ben (pre blog era) and his newborn shots… just totally hits me sometimes how TIME FLIES!!!! I just can’t believe it!! I adore this family! 🙂

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  1. Jessica, I am a blog stalker. I came across your site when checking out a friend’s wedding photos. Your work is beautiful and refreshing.

    I’m coming out of lurking because I know Deanna from college days at IU. *Waves to Deanna and family*. Deanna, you still look as lovely as always and your family is just stunning. The love and happiness that you share is obvious. Now, on a funny note, I really do wonder how your girly-girlness is doing with 3 boys:)

  2. YAY! i love this family and am so glad to see them, even if not in person. thanks for capturing such a great day with the boyces’, jess! excellence again! 🙂 looking forward to seeing everyone again sometime!

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