2006-06-02 22:03:08

You may remember meeting little Avery…from a few posts back! Well, we got together again for a fun, casual shoot! Avery’s Mom…Anissa, is a nanny to a sweet little girl (well…not soo little) named Claire…and since Anissa & Brian..and Avery are moving away soon…we did a special shoot with all of them that they can all keep as a special memory after they move! 😉

Anissa’s sister came along too, to hang out…and we threw her in a couple of pictures…so we had a fun combo of pictures…pretty much every combo we could think of…ha! We had alot of laughs, despite the fact that it was like 90 degrees and crazy humid.. but all in all…we had a great time hanging out! Hope you love the images! 🙂

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  1. I’m usually pretty fluent with the english language… but the emotions your photos of my 4 girls elicit defy description… (Yes, I claim Claire as my granddaughter too!)My girls have always been proclaimed “beautiful” (and not just by their predjudiced Mom!) but you just capture so much more than the visible. There’s no mistaking their vivacious and effervescent personalities, which are the real source of their beauty, in these photos! I can’t THANK YOU enough Jessica, for including Brishen – what a thoughtful surprise. With all my girls in another state these photos are especially precious to me. I miss all 4 of them sooooo much.

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