2007-07-06 15:04:00

Look at how ADORABLE little Hope is!! Oh, I just think she is the most precious little thing! She is the sweet little girl of one of my couples who were married several years ago!! Amy & Tony are soo fantastic and I’ve loved working with them and their friends over the years…and now I get to work with their families! It’s really my FAVORITE thing about the business I am in! I mean, I clearly LOVE weddings, but weddings are just one day and you don’t get the chance to be emersed in people’s lives because a wedding is not like everyday life! I love photographing everyday life and so getting to be a part of a couple’s wedding and then see them have a family and get to capture their lives and memories…it’s just really what it’s all about for me!! I love it!! Hope was soo great to photograph…she just kept giving me the sweetest little looks and was soo happy the whole time!! Gosh, i love KIDS!! Amy & Tony…I adore you guys! Hope is the BEST!! Thanks for a great session…can’t wait till next time!!

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  1. Beautiful little girl. Too bad some of the pictures seem really bright and you cant see her very well. I have to say my favorite is [IMG0253].

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