2007-07-05 21:30:28

I had the pleasure of working with the Dean family again! They are a great family….lots of fun and super nice! We met at the ever gorgeous Art Museum and had a really nice time together! Thanks for a great session, Dean Family! Oh…and for all of you who email me to ask, “I love your work, but would like to know if you do more traditional portraits that still have your style?”, the answer is YES and here are a few for you! 🙂

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  1. That first picture is really nice. I especially like the guy on the right. He is really cute. You should give his name and number out to all of the cute, single girls you work with. I’m sure he would appreciate very much! Great job Jessica! 🙂

  2. HAAAAA!!! Josh…that was HILARIOUS!!!!! 😉

    LADIES….the comment above is from the guy on the far right in the top picture! He is soo GREAT…and CUTE…and SINGLE!! Email me for his info! 😉 Ohh…I love being a matchmaker!! 😉

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