2012-11-06 14:26:51

Oh I’m crazy about this wild little man…I mean how could I not be, DO KIDS GET CUTER than him? (other than Sophie, DUH!) Or better dressed? I love this whole family….Jamie is a really dear friend and fellow photographer (AWESOME photographer!)…and we have a pretty sweet set up where we swap family sessions! WE graced her blog (from our RAINY family photo shoot!) a few weeks back and now it’s the Sangar’s turn! Jude literally spent the entire shoot RUNNING…hence why he’s mid air/running toward or away/leaping to his parents in a good number of these shots! By the end, Jamie, Simon and I were all spent…but Jamie has baby Sangar 2.0 on board and that sweet baby might come out with a few bruises with how Jude runs and LEAPS onto Jamie, regardless of the belly that is in the way…it’s kind of hilarious (probably not to Jamie, but it’s impressive to see her keep up with Jude while being totally pregnant!)…and that baby will have to get used to it in no time! We are SOO EXCITED for Jamie’s baby to make it’s arrival in February…and couldn’t believe this would be our last shoot with just the three of them!! Sangar’s, you guys rock, thanks for an awesome shoot! (keep the comments about the super long blog post to yourselves…we all know that I need an intervention! hehe!) xoxo! 😉


5 responses to “JAMIE + SIMON + JUDE + BABY!”

  1. These photos are absolutely precious to us! The last shoot as a family of three. You do such an amazing job–I owe you a shoot in NICE weather since you had to endure the rain. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! So lucky to have a friend like you. Cheers!

  2. The pictures are great of the Sangar family. What beautiful smiles! Jude is so handsome. Thanks for sharing them with us all.

  3. Beautiful family 🙂 Jude is such a rockstar! Can’t wait to meet the next little Sangar. Great work!

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