2012-11-12 16:56:13

Oh the beloved Brown family!! I always have SUCH a fantastic time with this family, they are super special to me!  And seeing the wonderfully happy disposition amongst the whole family, after seeing them go through years of struggle with Aidan’s cancer, almost brought tears of joy to my eyes. It’s SOO wonderful!! I’m overjoyed for them that they are just really a normal, happy family again…I know how they have prayed for that and I’m truly soo happy that the worst of our day was the minor tiff at the ice cream store over how much they were getting and how long we were staying. 😉 What they have been through really does put EVERYTHING in perspective. These two boys are incredible, I mean REALLY incredible…and I’m completely convinced that one of them will become President one day!! They are charismatic, charming, witty, super smart, funny, silly, precious, sweet and crazy adorable!!  As I was leaving the shoot, Alex, the older brother says to me, “Ya know Jess, we should really do this more often, once a year really isn’t enough for me….and you could bring Sophie, we would get along great, I mean, after all….we are both kids, we both like Taylor Swift” Oh I was laughing all the way home! Although, I’m pretty sure I mortified Alex when I sang his favorite Taylor Swift song at the top of my lungs while doing my silly dance on Main Street in Carmel. His exact words “you are ruining my reputation, here!” HAHA! I mean, how could I not ADORE these kids!! Oh such a fun shoot (and for the parents, just 1% challenging, maybe…they are slightly wild boys after all!)…Brown Family, you guys are the BEST!!! Thank you for an awesome evening and the fantastic bottle of wine. We didn’t waste any time uncorking that baby and it was DELISH! Thanks soo kindly! 🙂



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