2011-10-03 13:37:18

OH my sweet little Jayden! How I love him!! As I’ve said before, Lindsay is one of my oldest and dearest friends…and it’s been SOO fun having children within a short time of one another and watching them grow up as friends…just as Lindsay and I did!! Sophie walks around constantly asking “WHERE IS JAYNEN” as she calls him! This might also be one of my fastest portrait sessions on record…as we knew there was a big storm headed in…but after several reschedules and my schedule being crazy from here on out, we knew we just had to make this shoot happen. So, when we saw that the forecast when from 70 degrees and sunny 3pm to 70% chance of storms and 60 degrees just ONE hour later at 4pm, we knew we were in for it! We pulled up to the orchard and I don’t even think we exchanged hello’s because we all just knew that we better get to shooting or ELSE. It’s a good thing they are friends and didn’t think I was totally rude but just walking up and saying..hurry, LET’S GO!! About 7 minutes into our shoot, it started gusting like crazy, raining, the sky turned many shades of black and our shoot was officially done (about 12 minutes of shooting total!). Good thing Jayden, Will and Linds were awesome and rocked the time that we had! Love you guys!! 🙂

4 responses to “LINDSAY+WILL+JAYDEN”

  1. Nana loves these pictures! Thank you, Jess dear, for doing such a wonderful job!

  2. Jess as usual what incredible pics. You do such an awesome job. Of course it doesn’t hurt that they are such a cute family to photograph. Great work!!

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