2011-10-11 19:20:35

It was such a special treat getting to meet sweet baby Vincent. He is the newborn son of one of my couples, Carly & George, whose wedding I photographed, family I continue to photograph and now, I get to photograph their son! It is precious watching them beam with joy over their son…Carly just kept giving him these sweet nose nuzzles and smiling at him…I could have photographed them all day long!! Isn’t it unfair that Carly looks this gorgeous shortly after giving birth to a child (WITHOUT an epidural!!!)! She’s superwoman!! Carly & George, I’m soo truly happy for you both and your entire family!! Vincent is such a sweet baby….I soo enjoyed our time!!

4 responses to “VINCENT”

  1. So gorgeous!! I love how “white and bright” your images always are… do u mind answering if u use flash or just natural light?

  2. You did such a wonderful job with Vince, mom and dad–just like the wedding. Can’t wait to get some prints from Carly.

    Mom and Dad

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