2007-06-22 15:53:29

I had the opportunity to photograph these two cutie patooties, Reese & Chase, yesterday!! They are super sweet and we had a blast!! It was my first time photographing since “the fall” (what I’m lovingly referring to my stairway incident as!) and it was interesting!! All I have to say is thank goodness for pain medicine! 😉 It was really fine, though…and helped me get prepped to shoot my wedding tomorrow!! We had a great day for photographing…we’ve been having LOADS of sunshine here in Indy and it’s been great! (although our grass is not such a huge fan of the drought conditions the sun is bringing!) Donna…it was great finally meeting you and spending the afternoon with you & the kids! I really enjoyed myself!! 🙂

Reese is soo sweet…..

She has the most beautiful eyes…

And check out this little charmer….

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  1. Oh my!!!!! What beautiful children.You are so blessed so enjoy each moment.Thanks for sharing with me. Love, Donna

  2. Donna,

    I just can’t believe how beautiful these children are!! You and Jack are truly blessed. Thanks for always including me in your life.

    Love ya lots,



    Jessica – you do an AWESOME job!!!

  3. Donna, My goodness how fast they grow! They are beautiful! Wonderful pictures… thanks a bunch for sharing!

    Luv Ya!

  4. Donna,
    Your children are so beautiful. Those big blue eyes
    are amazing. You guys are truly blessed.
    Love the Rafie Family

  5. They’re BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you so much for sharing the pics – Hopefully I’ll get to see them both “for real” before they’re graduating from high school??!! Love y’all!

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