2007-06-14 19:22:30

I had the best time hanging out with Sophie, Cole & their awesome mom Sara, this week! I cannot tell you how precious these kids are!! I absolutely adore them!! Photographing them just totally reminded me of how much I love photographing children!! This is the most laid back family and I LOVE that!! As you will see, Sophie 100% GIRL and so she showed up for her “picture day” as she called it, decked OUT in her play jewelry! It was the most precious thing ever!! And Sara’s response was, “well, that is you, so we’ll go with it” and that was GREAT!! We went to the playground, played with blow up balloons, had a snack and one FANTASTIC afternoon!! I couldn’t have enjoyed myself more….and I could almost post all 200 some odd images because they are all soo CUTE!

I will start with one of my favorite images…

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  1. Those are two cuties!!! Sophie’s outfit and jewelry bring back memories of my younger sister’s “fashion” choices when she was younger:)

  2. Ok, could they be any cuter? Really…..amazing images! You can just feel the fun they are both having! I know Sophie, and those images are just “so her” – love them!

  3. Just stunning! Love all of the pictures. Sophie is so beautiful and just so happy. Cole is so so very cute. Thanks for sharing Sara!

  4. Oh my gosh, how Sophie has grown! Absolutely beautiful children Sara! You will never regret having these photos professionally taken…they are only young for so long….Thanks so much for sharing with us! We miss you!!!

  5. This series is fantastic, Jessica. I was just messing around shooting my brother-in-law’s little girl and her frirend at a park in La Crosse, Wisconsin last week. I used the day as practice for a wedding I’m shooting June 16th. …I couldn’t remember the last time I had so much fun shooting. While I was originally going to tag 15-20 photos, I ended up tagging about 300. LOL

    The first five are processed from the park. The rest are little doodles sprinkled in from various dates.

  6. What awesome pictures!! Thanks for sharing them. Your children are beautiful!!!!!!!! -angela

  7. What a wonderful group of photos and such a model you have with Sophie! I think you all could be models – just so precious! Wish I could see you all in person!

  8. Love the beads, the pictures are absolutely amazing. Sophie is just beautiful and how exactly did Cole get so chunky. Wish you could have had them done here, meaning you are back in Rochester.

  9. These pictures of my neice and nephew are simply breathtaking. It really makes me miss them so much to see them grow so quickly. I am always in awe of the pictures that a talented photographer can take!

  10. Sophie is just a beautiful little girl. Very personalable, lovable and fun to be around. Cole is just a real joy also. I am blessed to be their grandfather.

  11. Hi Jessica. I’ve been following your blog for some time now…love your technique, your energy, wishing I could produce even one picture as good as yours. This set is the best yet, simply brilliant. Of course it helps that this little girl is stunning but just…wow! BTW, I’m sorry about the loss of your great grandmother and hope you’ll recover fully and quickly from your fall. Most sincerely…Anne (Maryland, USA)

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